Get Comfortable with Completion

April 18, 2014


In today's (18th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes how when we get comfortable with completion, our presence has the ability to enchant and make others feel complete. The key is to always practice keeping our inner space complete. Whenever agitations and incompletions arise, we need to go off and complete with them immediately. Making a clear decision to be in completion, removes the layers of thinking which confuses us and engulfs our reality. Tags - Paramahamsa Nithyananda, completion, presence, enchant, inner space, incompletions, reality. TRANSCRIPTS:- I will expand on "Getting Comfortable with Completion". Listen! Still I am going to take two more days for you guys to lead you guys into Completion, because still you need to have a little more time, energy, understanding about all your incompletions. But, before that, I wanted to share this very important idea with you -- "Getting Comfortable with Completion". Snehamayi has requested she wants time for the weekend to do the Completion. See, when a devotee invokes the gods, goddesses in the Homa, it is a request. When an incarnation sits, in his presence if the Homa is done, it is an order! Simply, everybody obeys! Same way, when Snehamayi requests, it is order; simply I will obey! HAHAHAHAHAHA! She requests weekend also to do the Completion.'s done! So, I postpone the Completion to Monday. Till then you guys have time to discover all your incompletions and get it all out. Let me expand on this truth -- "Getting Comfortable with Completion". Listen! How the space of Completions feels, how your every-day activity from that space is so enchanting. Listen, "enchanting", that is the word I will use. "Enchanting"! Please understand, when you get comfortable with the space of Completion, simply anybody who sees you will be enchanted by you, because you are closer to them than their own soul. Please understand, everyone loves their soul because of the space of Completion the soul gives, the space of the Completion experience the soul provides. Please understand, if you enchant people, if you enchant..... Listen! The enchanting is done in so many ways. If you have a beautiful body, people can be enchanted. Or, if you have an amazing entertaining habit, attitude, like telling jokes or the great ideas about life, or music, dance, these also can be entertaining. But, all that is only a depreciation asset. Your beauty cannot enchant people for a long time. It is a depreciation asset. Your singing ability or your knowledge, your wit, intelligence, may be that can be appreciation asset, but that also is only limited to one life. But, if you carry the space of Completion, it is actually exponentially appreciating asset. You will be the source of Completion for thousands of people. You will just be enchanting. Please understand, that enchanting will be like Krishna's enchanting, Mahadeva's enchanting. Even in Krishna's case, only the Gopas and Gopikas were enchanted. In Mahadeva's case, bhoota, pretha, pishacha, whatever exists around, all of existence was enchanted! Now let me give the exact technique of how to get comfortable with Completion. Listen! You need to spend a few days on it; only then you will get the knack. It is not a separate action; it is a simple decision. Listen! The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad beautifully says, 'The Soul, Self, is dearer to one's Self than his most beloved son, wealth, and anything and everything else.' Listen! That is why if you fall into the river with your money suitcase and your son, you first save yourself. Then only you think of your son or your suitcase, bag, whatever. Because, if you are there, you can have money and one more son. Anyhow.... Listen! Getting comfortable with your Completion! Whole day, constantly try to be in the space of Completion. Whenever an agitation happens, incompletion happens, take a few minutes, go to the bathroom, lock yourself, and do Completion and come out. So, decide, decide! Getting comfortable with Completion will remove the layers and layers of thinking which is away from reality. Please understand, many times you can see in your life, if you are doing some work, suddenly when the layers of thinking engulfs you, you are removed from reality. After a few minutes, you wake up, 'Oh, where am I?' Especially when you are working on the computer, cooking, sitting in the CEO Chair of the office. Being moved away from the reality due to incompletion. Listen! That should be completely completed. First two-three days, if you try, you will see all the restlessness completely gets settled; you will start feeling very comfortable with your space of Completion.

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