Get in Touch with Your Soul

February 2, 2014


In today's (2014 Jan 28) Morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the deeper level truths about Kalpataru. In the Kalpataru Darshan, Paramahamsa Nithyananda not only fulfills our boons but also initiates us into the science of Kalpataru, giving us the knowledge to create our own reality -- by ourselves! On a deeper level, He is initiating us to rest into our very consciousness! This is the space were possibility resides. Once we learn to tap into this space, we can achieve anything in our lives! TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Please listen! Come to the space of listening! we are going to have a much deeper understanding of the space of Kalpataru. Listen! You have your “atman” – your consciousness - and your body and mind. Please listen! You have your body, your mind, and your soul, the “atman”, consciousness. Because of the presence of the consciousness, soul, your body and mind start functioning. Listen! Because of the presence of your soul, “atman”, the body and mind start functioning. The “atman”, soul, has the power to make anything alive, reality. Body is just matter, a few kilograms of bone and a few kilograms of flesh which is not even useful like animal flesh. At least, animal flesh will be useful for human-beings to eat; but human flesh is not useful for anybody. Very rarely, a few animals only eat human flesh. Body is just made out of a little flesh and bones. But the consciousness, the “atman”, the soul which resides inside the body, that has the power to create anything you want. It can make anything into reality. Between this body and soul comes the mind. Please listen! Body is just flesh and bones, soul is consciousness. Consciousness is all-powerful, all-knowing, always blissful, Satchitananda, Paripoorna, Swayamprakasha; it is eternally blissful. The soul is Akhanda Paripoorna, Satchitananda, Parabrahma, Nithyanandam; it is all-powerful, all-knowing. Body is matter. Because of the presence of the soul, the body functions. Between these two, body and the soul, comes the mind. That mind can be used for right or wrong reasons. If the mind is centred on the body, it will live and die with the space of “impossible”. Because the body by its nature is matter, what can be possible for the matter? Nothing is possible for the matter. If the mind moves towards the soul, consciousness, and lives around consciousness, rests in consciousness, “atman”, soul, the mind lives in the space of “possibility”; everything, everything is possible! Please understand, Kalpataru is the science of initiating you to learn to be in rest in consciousness. The science of initiating your mind to be in the space of “atman”, soul, consciousness, helping you to start living and residing in the space of consciousness, in the space of soul. I tell you, residing in the space of consciousness makes you “Shiva”, residing with your body makes you “Shava” (corpse, dead body). “Shava” or “Shiva”, it is your own decision, your mind’s decision. Are you constantly going to be living with your body-based patterns or consciousness-based energy? The more you come nearer the body, the more you are going to repeat the mantra “impossible”, “not possible”, “not for me”, “no, no”. This “impossible” mantra, the “impossible” mantra is going to become the chorus, the more you come towards the body. The more you go towards the soul, I tell you, an extraordinary possibility happens in you. That is why I say, “Sundara” means “Grace”, the grace which comes when you understand everything is possible in your life, the space of possibility. And Budha Graha (the planet Mercury) is the space of “possibility”. Budha is actually the space of “possibility”. Sundareshwara is Budha Graha and he is the embodiment of “possibility”. Sundareshwara..... Please understand, I have defined many times this “beauty” and “grace”. “Beauty” is, from the distance when you see how a person looks; but, when you go near that person, you may not want to be around that person more than a few hours.....sometimes even a few minutes! “Grace” is what a person feels about himself or herself, how he carries himself or herself, what kind of a belief they have about themselves. I tell you, having the right beliefs about you, means having a healthy being. If you carry health in your stomach, your mouth won’t smell. If your stomach is upset, your mouth will smell; nobody will want to be around you. Same way, if you carry a graceful being, the moment you open your mouth, it will be with so many beautiful, wonderful concepts, ideas, truths; everyone will want to be around you. If you are carrying a dirty, depressed being inside, the words you utter, nobody will want to be around you. “Sundara” is the grace, the personality you carry.

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