Get initiated into 70 spiritual powers for free in Kumbh Mela

April 9, 2016


During Kumbh Mela, the Shuddhadvaitam program which Paramahamsa Nithyananda is offering to the whole world for free, he will initiate all participants into 70 spiritual powers of Mahadeva. Particularly the 70 spiritual powers described in the Agamas, in the Sivagnana Upanishad. Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that the activation in our root center (muladhara) is much more than in our crown center (sahasrara). If our crown center would be even 10% as active as our root center, all non-mechanical parts of our brain would be awakened. In Shuddhadvaitam, Paramahamsa Nithyananda will make the brain center at least 100% active - so that multiple powers start expressing in us. Third eye awakening is only 2%. In Kumbh Mela, he will give all participants a spiritual electrocution: directly circuit the energy from root center to sahasrara. When the energy has to move through the spine, so many obstacles are there. With the shortcut of spiritual electrocution, the spiritual powers will easily manifest. INFORMATION ON KUMBH MELA, SHUDDHADVAITAM During Kumbh Mela in Ujjain, when the planetary alignment is most supportive of human consciousness awakening, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is offering a COMPLETELY FREE program for EVERYONE! The conscious shift which is possible at this time is so important, that Swamiji is spending 4000 USD per person attending, to make it easily accessible for each and everyone of us!!! Since the planetary alignment which is happening now in Kumbh Mela happens only once in 300 years, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! From 17 April to 24 May, Swamiji initiates participants into 70 spiritual powers and raises them to higher consciousness. The Shuddhadvaitam program includes food, stay, and all items needed for the 70 initiations. The only thing you need to take care of is your trip to Ujjain and to be present from beginning to end of program (no exceptions). Go to and watch Swamiji's full discourse on the Climax of the 2012 Consciousness Shift. Go to for information about the Kumbh Mela Shuddhadvaitam program. Go to to sign up. Leave a comment below if you're ready to go or if you need any support.

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