Get on the right side of Life

October 12, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda leads us into a very powerful strategy planning technique for our lives - have zero resistance! Even with a regular spiritual practice, we will struggle in life if we continue to think, life should not be this way. Internal resistance only propels us into suffering and the space of incompletion. Let us empower ourselves and take responsibility and instead ask, this is life now what do I want to do about it? TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, Navarathri Celebrations eighth day -- Ashtami Maha Utsava! And Venkateshwara is gracing us on the horse, riding the horse, Venkateshwara is gracing us. And Devi is gracing us in the expression of Mahishasura Mardhini with eighteen hands, destroying the demon Mahishasura with Saraswathi and Lakshmi. You can see one side Devi gracing and the other side Venkateshwara gracing us on the Ashwa Vahana -- on the horse! I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today: • 20th batch Inner Awakening, 16th day; • 17th batch eN-Genius, 16th day; • 19th batch Nirahara Samyama, Level-3, 5th day; • 20th batch Nirahara Samyama break. We will start tomorrow the 20th batch 3rd level; • 9thbatch The Samyama, 16th day; And, today we have two important things: • One, the "Sandhya Puja", at the time of Ashtami and Navami joining, when Mahishasura was killed by Durga; that Sandhya Puja, very important puja is there. I welcome all the devotees to join Nithyananda TV ( for the puja. It will be relayed live at 3 pm Indian Standard Time. • And two, today we have a very important session -- eN-Reality. The whole Inner Awakening is about how to destroy the Mahishasura inside you. I will answer your questions on thd subject of Completion. Ma Maneesha: We have the question today, 'How do I practically apply the truth Completion is not about being in acceptance, but Completion is about being in the space of no resistance?' Swamiji: The question is, 'How do I practically apply the truth Completion is not about being in acceptance, but Completion is about being in the space of no resistance?' The first point of contact where any external information gets integrated into you as an understanding or cognition, as part of you, which is your default cognition, means your usual way of understanding..... See, your regular way of understanding, cognizing always tells you "Life should not be this way". Please understand, it's like when you order a pizza, who receives it before bringing it to your table is very important. If some worker who has come to clean your drainage system, cleaning your septic tank, if he receives with his bare hands and brings it to your table, will you be able to eat? So, unfortunately, whenever life comes to your door, you receive it with a dirty hand of "Life should not be this way". And,after that, whatever you do -- you practice spiritual truths, teachings to change this cognition -- whatever you do, it will only be a struggle. Listen, after your worker who is cleaning the drainage, with his bare hands if he handles the pizza, brings it to your table and serves, after that how much ever you clean the pizza, will you be able to eat it? Understand, the first touch life receives from you, you give to life, is very important. If the first touch is transformed, after that whatever happens will be Completion. If the first touch is dirty -- the resistance "Life should not be this way" -- then whatever you do, whatever you do, please listen, whatever you do will only be a struggle, struggling practice, struggling spiritual practice. So, all I am trying to tell you is, drop handling life, stop handling life with dirty hands. Drop this pattern of handling life with dirty hands. Understand, once you handle the food with dirty hands, how much ever you wash it, it will only be struggling to clean, you will never be able to eat it again. When your default cognition transforms from "This is not!" to "This is it! Now what?", then you move to the space of "no resistance". Listen, I am not saying accept. For example, if you are afraid of poverty, somebody steals all your wealth, I am not saying accept. No! All I am trying to tell you is, don't start handling that information with "It should not be this way!" No! "This is it! Now what?" How many of you are understanding the difference? (People raise their hands). Start, then you will understand how it directly helps you! Start, then you will understand! This "no resistance" but does not mean "acceptance". "No resistance" does not mean "acceptance", because acceptance will always be a rejected theology if you logically analyze it. If you logically try to accept, and try, try, try, finally your inner space will only reject that theology, that theory. Acceptance is the most non-accepted theory! It is not practically possible. It is not practically possible! The first point of contact where any external information gets integrated

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