Get Out of Corporate Compassion

April 10, 2012


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives advice for parents and children. Children take birth with natural curiosity, infused with a deep interest in exploring their surroundings. When we as parents support this inclination, giving only basic necessary protection, children develop self-confidence and assume responsibility for their actions. As they mature, they may want to take some risks in their lives. Parents should allow them to do so. It strengthens their independence, supporting the expansion of their experience. This is true parenting: giving our children freedom to use their intelligence. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Q: How do we build the consideration of social return into every conversation and every decision at every level in the organization? - Judie Smith, Paris Swamiji: Judie Smith -- look inside. What is social return? It is nothing but looking at the life with a larger picture. Understand, see if you build your house,you call it as selfishness. If you build the road, you call it as social return. But you don't understand without the road, house is useless. So what is social return? Nothing but looking at life beyond 120 degrees. See 120 degree is the normal vision. If you look at the life 240 degree or 360 degree, that is social return. Nothing else. So don't think social return is some great compassionate, sacrificing, serving, great selfless attitude. No. Relax. First thing, understand, thinking with the consideration of social return is intelligent way of thinking. It is intelligence - which makes you consider social return. It is not morality. It is not religious quality. It is not ethics. Nothing. It is just intelligence. Learn to look at every contribution of your life with the whole picture. For example, if you are a manager in a company, try to understand the whole responsibility of the company towards humanity. What this company is supposed to contribute to the humanity. Have the whole picture and fit yourself with it comfortably. Have this same attitude in every decision. Then, naturally whole company will have this same attitude towards the society, that's it. Understand, consideration of social return is not some sacrifice, service or ethics. Why don't you understand? It is just intelligence. Many times, you think consideration of social return is something like you do a big service, favour. No. Maybe you can use that word to market yourself. I call it corporate compassion. New word I am creating. What is the corporate compassion, you know? You shave his head, take his hair, sell that and don't even give him little oil for the head and you say 'I shaved you, because only then dandruff will go from you! It's a treatment for dandruff.' And that poor fellow believes it. That is what I call corporate compassion. Please understand, consideration of social return -- the very word shows you are also from the pattern of corporate compassion. No. Compassion should be very raw, pure, innocent. I tell you - raw, pure, innocent compassion is intelligence. When your compassion expresses in its pure, raw form innocently, it is tremendous intelligence. What do you mean by saying the word, consideration of social return? No. The word seems to be like a big sacrifice. I tell you - looking at the larger picture and working, considering the social return is an intelligence decision, it is not compassion decision. Judie Smith, the whole organization needs to understand social consideration is intelligence decision. Please understand decision of your intelligence and not the decision of your heart. Because you think it is decision related to heart, you still have oscillation - No, no, should I do it? how much I should do it? How many rupees I should do it? how many lakhs I should spend? No. social consideration is the decision from intelligence, not decision from heart. The whole - how this whole. Each company is a whole which is supposed to fit into the hole of the whole. The whole has many holes. In each hole, each company as a whole should fit in. How as a whole you are going to fit with the whole. A boss is expected to feel how he should be knowing the whole purpose of the organization and the responsibility of the organization. Same way if the whole team understands the purpose of the organization and responsibility of the organization, that itself is enough. It is enough. Nothing else is required. Understand, the enthusiasm, energy and experience of larger vision, larger responsibility itself is enough to make you do the decisions based on consideration of social return. You don't need to infuse compassion. Because, intelligence itself will make you do every conversation, every decision at every level with the consideration of social return. You don't need to do anything separate. Next question. Q: Swamiji, I have started Ajapa Japa of Guru mantra. Should I continue to do the japa during satsang time also? -- Indra, Portland

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