Go Beyond Death And Dying - Kathopanishad

May 13, 2015


Introduction into Kathopanishad, the Book of Death are the subject of today’s (12 May 2015) Nithya Satsang on this powerful, bold Upanishad by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, amidst the ‘Shivoham-Inner Awakening Program’ Day 6 at Varanasi. Uncovering the sacred secrets of Death and Dying, the two states in which we are ever stuck, Paramahamsa Nityananda, by his own authority as a Hindu Incarnation declares the first and foremost commandment for humans as – “Thou Shall Not Die.” The goal in human life is not Videha Mukti (liberation after leaving body) but Jivan Mukti, Living Enlightenment, being reborn while in body and tasting, celebrating enlightenment just like enjoying, tasting a good tea. Death, even in Varanasi, Shiva's home, where liberation is a certainty, is after death. From his timeless, deathless consciousness, who experienced Death in Varanasi in 1999, He affirms that he himself is the listener and seeker, Naciketa, the speaker, Yama Dharma. Anybody who consciously allows the dying process and stares into the eyes of Death is a Dhirah, the courageous one, a Shiva Bhakta (Shiva’s devotee). Shaivism is the tradition that educates us to stare at death while we are alive and never allows us to divert our attention from Death.

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