Go Beyond The Mind , Unclutch® discourse - Part 1, 25 Feb 2008

May 3, 2019


In this session, Swamiji focuses on the subjects on ahamkara, and mamkara. Swamiji says that both of these have no base and that following them will lead to deep suffering and nothing else. Better is to go beyond both of them. Swamiji says that the one who realizses that both the idea you have of your self, and the idea you try to convince others of about yourself are delusion, is the one who is living enlightenment. In this session, Swamiji answers our questions and addresses the issues as to why people are materialistic, why others are religious, and how to be beyond and unclutch both of these identities. Support the World's Only Hindu Nation: www.kailaasa.org/join-kailaasa

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