Good and Evil is a Huge Collective Myth

almost 11 years ago


TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON JULY 24 2012 IN Thiruvannamalai, INDIA Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment. The Gita was imparted by the enlightened Hindu incarnation Sri Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna over 5000 years ago. Amazingly, the spiritual wisdom and life solutions offered in the Gita are so universal and current that even today it is used as a personal transformation guide. In today's talk on Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 5, Verse 18, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) expands our perceptions of good and evil. All of us have preferences in life; we like some things and we dislike others. We judge what we enjoy as "good" and we label what displeases us as "evil". This is a myth: nothing is intrinsically "good" or "evil". When we relinquish our inner separation and accept all of creation as equal, we too are completely accepted and become integrated into divine Oneness.

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