Grace is there on you forever

November 16, 2013


In today's morning satsang Paramahamsa Nithyananda assured us that Grace is flowing in us forever, and that God is not a sadist and He does not enjoy our conflicts and complications. The cosmos wants us to be fulfilled. We need to stop worshiping imposibility and complete, complete, complete with all the layers of impossibility to experience the awakening of the kundalini shakti and remove all obstacles to the flow of grace. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today Kalpataru satsang . Next three days we will have Kalpataru Satsangs. Today, as part of the 8th day of the Nithyanandeshwara Brahmotsava, Nithyanandeshwara and Nithyanandeshwari are gracing here. Today, 21st batch Inner Awakening, 15th day. Completing with past lives. Today we are going to complete with past lives. And, as part of the Nithyanandeshwara Brahmotsava, today is Bhikshadana Utsava where Mahadeva goes around begging, taking away all the impossibilities from people, taking away all the incompletions from people, completing them. Just understand, Mahadeva comes down to beg. What a scene it is. He goes around and takes away all the incompletions, radiating the Space of Completion and giving. When Mahadeva goes to beg, he gives more than what he receives. Remember, repeat, WHEN MAHADEVA GOES FOR BEGGING, HE GIVES MORE THAN WHAT HE RECEIVES! Today, we will have Kalpataru Satsangh. Please listen, these basic truths: That grace is flowing in you forever. Life is flowing in you just to make your life as you want. Life is not sadistic. Life is not life-negative. God is not sadistic. Divine is not sadistic. And, please listen, God is not enjoying your conflicts and complications. Don't think, God is not a politician, surely not a lawyer. So, he is not happy to put in you some desire and not fulfil that desire. No, he doesn't enjoy that game. So, please listen. Neither is God sadistic, nor he enjoys the conflicts and contradictions you go through. So understand, it is we who project all our emotions on to God. I have always seen. Just few days before our devotees, one husband and wife, both of them came to ashram. Wife ran away from the house and came to ashram. Some problem in the house, husband also came. Both have their version. Husband says wife is depressed, wife says ' No, no he starts yelling at me ' All I did is I just waited because whoever carries the problem they will naturally not be able to keep quiet here so in few days if we observe we will know where the problem is. Now I found out is the problem on the wife because she is projecting in the same abusive behaviour that she puts on the husband on me! I could see not only on me on everyone around. With whoever she sees, talks. I started laughing, now we know where the problem is and we can sort it out, that's all. Same way we also put our ideas on God. God himself is not sadist. He doesn't enjoy the conflicts. So, please listen, if you are able to wake up in the morning and if you are able to breathe, understand, his Grace is there on you, he wants you to fulfil your life as you want. He wants you to fulfil your life as you want. So when you are fulfilled, Cosmos celebrates with you. When you are expanding, Cosmos dances with you. When you are expanding, Cosmos sings with you. It celebrates with you. So, first thing, you need to have this as a basic cognition. Please listen. This is the basic cognition you need to have: God is graceful. His Grace overflows in our life. How much ever you deny with multi-million arguments or trillions of arguments, the truth is the truth is the truth. The whole human society is suffering so much because its very existence is built on the wrong cognition. It is built on wrong cognition. See, the whole western civilization is built on the cognition: You have to conquer the Nature. The whole eastern civilization is built on the concept: You have to enjoy the Nature, celebrate the Nature, because, from the beginning, we believed Nature is supporting life, Nature wants us to be here. The trust level between us and the Nature was so high, even if we had to die in some natural calamities, we only felt that this body is getting cleansed so that will come back with another one body. The whole attitude was different. But, unfortunately, in the Greek civilization, the whole attitude was: Conquer the Nature, master the Nature, go against the Nature. So, naturally, that attitude replicated in the relationships with human-beings, in the relationship with everything. Please listen. Nature is the first god you encounter, God's first representative you encounter. There are four representatives of God: One, Nature; Second, the "Avyaktha" -- Un-manifested Nature We can call that as a "God", "Unknown". Third your own "Individual Soul". Please listen, your own individual soul is representative of God. Listen. It's very important for you to understand this:

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