Gurukul, The Education Centric Family Of Guru By Paramahamsa Nithyananda

July 2, 2015


In today's (02nd July 2015) satsang from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda dwells into the wonders of Varanasi - the city which is wonder made by man and supported by Gods. Entering into the Shanti Mantra of Kathopanishad, He shares that the very base of the Vedic Gurukul education system, which is the basis of vedic tradition is the city of Varanasi. In the education centric system of Gurukul in Vedic India, the Guru always encouraged disciples to travel. discover, invent and constructive freedom was enjoyed by them. Varanasi was the headquarters for all Gurukuls - the Naimisharanya, Sarvajnapeetha and much later Nalanda. Even the Gurus of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, were educated in Varanasi, the seat of education. Gurukul is the home to family of Guru, where the focus is on education, learning, evolving. Even Krishna, Rama, Caintanya Mahaprabhu went through the Gurukul education to imbibe the scriptural knowledge to validate and share their sacred experience with humanity. He emphasises the need for living in large joint family which nurtures the Sanatana Hindu Dharma and is now diminishing today.

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