Guru's Glory Is Your Possibility

October 9, 2014


In today’s (08th October, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda beautifully explains how the Guru speaks about His glory only for us; it is to remind us of our great possibility. We need transform our inner space to Shivoham! Shiva reminds us of our highest possibility, helping us to imagine we can achieve much more than we are. We need to complete with any other idea that is not in alignment with this truth – we are Shiva! TRANSCRIPTS:- Today’s message from Maha Kaala, Maha Kaalabhairava: The practical value of the great truth – Shivoham..... I will start expanding on Sankhya Sutras. So, let me enter into the message today which I wanted to convey to all of you, today’s Nithya Satsangh. The utility value of Shivoham, please understand, apply this science – “I AM SHIVA” – in every step of your life. Today, Chandra Grahana (Lunar Eclipse), especially Chandra Grahana involving Kethu which is very, very auspicious for starting any spiritual process. That is why, this Inner Awakening I have started on this day! Today is a very auspicious day to start a spiritual process. And you guys are really blessed to start your Inner Awakening on this auspicious day of Chandra Grahana involving Kethu. “Kethu Grastha Chandra Grahana” it is called. So, please understand, I want all of you today to start this process. All of you, all the devotees, disciples, followers, everyone, start this process today, bringing the great truth of Shivoham into practical reality. Apply that truth to make yourself more responsible! Apply that truth to make yourself more authentic! Apply that truth to make yourself more integrated! Apply that truth to make yourself more enriching! If you start this process today, not only you will be successful, but the whole Cosmos also will be supporting you, because, the Chandra Grahana, this is the time your mind, your being, your bio-memory can be programmed to the highest possibility, your muscle-memory and bio-memory can be raised and programmed to the highest possibility. Please listen! Not for any pride or anything, I am telling you the exact incident which happened yesterday, one small incident. Suddenly I asked my Swamis who are helping me, assisting me; I told them to get a set of books, books from Lonavala Yoga Institute. I told them, ‘Please get those books.’ And I also wanted to acknowledge their (Lonavala Yoga Institute’s) great contribution to Yoga, Pranayama, and the science of Hatha Yoga, the Lonavala Yoga Institute for the amazing contribution and authentic translation they are providing to the whole world about all these Yogic scriptures. I wanted to give my acknowledgement, gratitude, respect for their contribution to this field of Yoga, Pranayama, Hatha Yoga. So, I told the Swami to pick that book. We have, I think, twenty-five books....or....I don’t know exactly. We have a large collection. So, they brought the book. As usual I was taking these books and scanning. It is a new set of books which arrived very recently. The publisher himself signed in every book with a message: ‘Please accept this”. I was just going through all the books, and, may be, in one hour, I kept all the books this side (to one side); means, completed! That Swami came and said, ‘I have seen only in the movies!’ The person was quoting a recent movie where a robot will pick up a book and just wave in front of its eyes, and throw it. The Swami was quoting that and asking, ‘What is this Swamiji? You are picking up and doing this and throwing!’ I smiled and said, ‘What do you mean?’ The person asked, ‘What do you mean by putting the books this side? Means, you finished or what?’ I said, ‘What do you want to know in these books, ask me; I will tell you. Or, you pick up any book, open any page, and ask me to repeat any page. If you want, you test.’ The person said, ‘Enough! Enough! I don’t want to test you anymore!’ I said, ‘Pick up these books. END OF SATSANG:- The one and only truth is: YOU ARE SHIVA! THE HIGHEST POSSIBILITY YOU VISUALIZE, YOU CAN BE! That is the definition I will give when I use the word “Shiva” here: THE HIGHEST POSSIBILITY YOU CAN VISUALIZE, THAT YOU CAN BE.....AND MUCH MORE, is “Shiva”! Because, YOU ARE! I don’t even want to say “You can be Shiva”; I say, “YOU ARE SHIVA”! Anything other than this, complete it, complete with it! Bring tremendous Completion to your being with this great truth of Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham! Bring this great truth – SHIVOHAM – to expand your possibilities, to express yourself to yourself. CLICK for FULL Transcript:- video/gurus-glory-your-possibility

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