Hardwar - Million Year Old University

July 20, 2014


In today's (15th July, 2014) morning satsang from Haridwar Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about how completion starts and ends in Advaitha and when you practice completion , advaitha becomes a reality in your every day life. There is nothing to wait for; even when practicing Advaitha becomes your reality and your lifestyle. Your source is always in the space of completion, radiating advaitha which is why we can do completion for others and others can do completion for us. Completion is you being sure about reality and shared reality. It saves you from shared reality becoming reality. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I wanted to expand few important truths about listening and Completion. Please listen and through this morning satsang I also formally inaugurate the 27th Inner Awakening program and 24th eN Genius program. Listening and Completion! In Sanskrit we use the word ‘Shravana’ for listening. Exactly the shravana means, please understand, I am giving you the technical definition of ‘Shravana’ which will really help you if you can visualize that. When Ganga river moves form one ghat to another ghat it is called ‘Shravana’; means you be a empty space for the sound to travel through you. Please listen, when Ganga moves from Rishikesh to Hardwar, she is not leaving Rishikesh, she enriches Rishikesh also and moves to Hardwar. Listening, in listening you are expected to be like that. The words move through you does not mean you are not enriched; you are also enriched but it also goes on enriching everything around you. It goes on enriching around you. Right shravana, please understand you will be surprised to know some of the great definitions in Vedic tradition; the definitions of some of the technical terms are just examples; no separate definition is given. Only examples are provided. Dhyana means tailaadhara patra. That’s all is defined! Means, when the oil flowing from one vessel to another vessel when it is poured that is called dhyana. Same way Ganga moving from one ghat to another ghat, one place to another place is called shravana. Understand shravana, listening, is one of the most powerful process to achieve Completion. Most powerful process to achieve Completion! When no one stands by you Completion can stand by you. When no one listens to you ‘Listening’ will listen to you. Develop this habit of Listening. You having the habit of Listening itself will be such powerful friend to yourself. Please understand, you can develop a best friend for yourself through the habit of Listening. Your habit of Listening can be an amazing friend for you in all your difficult times. You don’t need somebody else listening you. Your habit of Listening is enough. It can be an amazing friend. Understand, this land where you are sitting, at least for last million years, please understand million years when I say I mean! I am talking with my integrity. At least 10 lakh years this land is the place of knowledge. Human beings were coming here to meet the Adiguru who carried the physical body walking around in this area, living in this area, sharing the knowledge of human consciousness. Please understand you may ask how I am so sure? 10 lakh years. The star, constellation of the stars, the astronomical happenings which could have happened only 10 lakh years before were precisely recorded, which cannot be recorded unless you are seeing it directly when it is happening. Unless when those stars and constellations are happening, unless you see it, you can’t record so precisely. That precisely the constellations, astronomical events which cannot be imagined through the astrological calculations, still the modern day astronomers, people who are working with the space were shocked the Rig Vedic recordings of the constellations, astronomical happenings, the precise way they are recorded at least 10 lakh years before astrological happenings are recorded . And one more important information you need to know the point zero was always Hardwar. All the recordings match the space between Hardwar and Rishikesh. That was the space from where the observations are done and recorded, whether some of the unique planet alignments, stars alignments, happened 10 lakh years before were precisely recorded observed from this zone. So at least for last million years human beings are coming here to receive various knowledge about life, various branches of knowledge about life, consciousness, cosmos, universe, individual consciousness, enlightenment and everything. So please understand you are in the land where Adiguru walked and shared the science of living with human beings and with all my integrity and authenticity I promise and commit with you,

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