Harmony leads to the space of Advaita

April 4, 2014


In today's (4th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares an interesting fact about Advaita --our hormones are programmed to experience non-duality. Biologically, we experience Advaita during the 'milestones' of our life such as moving from childhood to adulthood and during death. But when we work directly with an enlightened Master, he can move us to experience Advaita, in the psychological and consciousness space, to enjoy in our lives now. Living in harmony with others is the first step we can practice today, remembering that everyone is part of us. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I just want to tell you all guys, I am overflowing with the kind of response you all did, and doing, still continue to do in Facebook about this living in Advaithic space. Please understand, I commit with you guys, I will take up this as a project, sincerely dedicating my time, energy, intelligence, spiritual powers and everything, work with this whole team. And, keeping Kalabhairava as witness, with the grace of Vishwanatha and Annapoorni, I commit with you all, I will make the space of Advaitha happen for all of us! I will make the space of Advaitha happen in all of us! It is so beautiful, overwhelming! And, from today, I will give you guys every day step-by-step process. There are some more deeper level truths on creating the space of Advaitha. See, when you all have shown so much of interest, intensity, sincerity, Kalabhairava also reveals the deeper truth in a beautiful way. So, Kalabhairava is a great Advaithi. Even in the Kalabhairava Stotra, we sing that "Kalabhairava is a God who gives the Advaitha Anubhava. So, first thing, I wanted to thank all the disciples who sent their teamily names and made the resolution. Second, I am blessing all of you. Let every one of us -- I am not saying "every one of YOU"; I am using the word "every one of US" -- let every one of us experience the highest Advaitha, highest non-duality in all levels; not only experiential level, but also expressing it in the every day-to-day practical level, in all levels. I am just overwhelmed to see the intensity, sincerity! I tell you guys, not with pride, not out of arrogance, keeping Kalabhairava as a witness, I can tell you guys, we are the most sincere spiritual group, most sincere, largest spiritual group on Planet Earth. I tell you guys, we are the salt of the universe, we are the essence of the universe! See, if you announce in the TV: 'If you buy this soft drink and scratch the bottle cover and go for some winning lottery, you will get one night dinner with some celebrity actor-actress', or 'If you buy this cell-phone, they will choose you in the lottery, and if you win you can have this dinner photograph with this actor-actress celebrity...', all these kind of advertisements when it is done, people run behind those celebrities. Here I just announced that you will be the twenty-one persons who will be around me doing so much of work! Every one of you know that living around me as my Sachala Moorthy team is not a joke; it needs so much of hard work! All of you are aware that almost twenty hours a day I work; my day is twenty hours. All of you know that if you come as part of the Sachala Moorthy team, if you get chosen for that team, YOU may also have to work twenty hours. And ten minutes extra....because you will be able to retire for the day only after I retire. You will have to wake up at least a few minutes before I wake up. So, knowing that there is going to be such a hard-working lifestyle, still so much of competition (to be part of the Sachala Moorthy team)! What is the way to complete? You will have to complete with all your incompletions. I tell you guys, when you are in the space of Advaitha with eleven people, whatever you call as your identity will be dissolved into the Cosmos! The root patterns you cherish, the vested interest you have about life, the hidden pay-offs, hidden costs, your "vaasanas" -- I can go on adding words -- everything will be washed away! You will be in such a pure space -- "Nirmala, Niranjana, Niraakaara, Niraamaya, Niraabhaasa, Nirdhwandhwa, Nirdosha, Nithyananda"! You will just be established in that space! I tell you guys, I bless you all and wish you all, all of us will experience the Advaitha! Even if you don't practice, even if you don't see the end of this process, I bless you guys with my full heart, keeping Kalabhairava as witness, with all my sincerity, just for your seeking and the effort, your Conscious Resolution, let you all achieve Advaitha space before you leave the body! If you take up this process and do, you will have it even now in the next few days, while in the body you will enjoy it

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