Have Eternal Romance with the Cosmos - Spiritual Beauty Technique

July 23, 2016


Kenopanishad Verse 1 on 23rd July 2016 is ‘THE SATSANG’ by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, in which His Holiness gives powerful, eternal thought currents in the most sublime words for us to chew and grasp the Upanishadic truths and Sacred Secrets of Sadashiva. Just the way people chew gum to keep the mouth away from bad smell, we must chew the Upanishadic truths and thought currents to keep us away from mental bad smells. This is the secret of looking beautiful and graceful – and here is the Spiritual Beauty technique. By the Pure Questioning expressed in this first mantra, the more and more we cherish it, the more and more we contemplate on it, the more we will become joyful, radiating, strong and we will neither feel lonely nor need any external support. This is the SCIENCE OF LEADER MAKING. To be a leader needs us to have a certain courage to be with ALL-ONENESS. In His extraordinary manner of defining the truths, Paramahamsa Nithyananda defines – “ALL-ONENESS when misunderstood become aloneness. If you approach the All-Oneness with powerlessness, it becomes aloneness. When you are powerful with All-Oneness, it becomes Shuddhādvaita (pure-all-oneness); when you are powerless in front of All-Oneness, it becomes aloneness.” Watch this truth-defining, leadership making and Spiritual beauty technique video and contemplate on the following verse. Kena Upanishad (mantra 1) keneṣitaṁ patati preṣitaṁ manaḥ kena prāṇaḥ prathamaḥ praiti yuktaḥ | keneṣitāṁ vācamimāṁ vadanti cakṣuḥ śrotaṁ ka u devo yunakti || 1 || [Pure Questioning:] By whom willed and caused , does the mind go towards and thinks its object? By whom directed and united with which, does the first vital life–energy, the chief cause [prathaṁ prāṇa] comes forth towards its activities? At whose will does this speech gets activated and speaks? Enlivened and directed by what luminous, divine power (by what invisible cause), indeed, do the eyes and the ears engage in their functions?”

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