Have you forgotten about yourself?

February 13, 2014


In today's (18th Jan, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reminds us that SDHD (self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial) is the source of all root patterns. We must continually complete with SDHD because it is the reason for all failures in life -- it drains us of our inspiration, strength, and energy. If we are in incompletion with SDHD, no matter how much wealth we have, life will be hell because heaven and hell are created from within, not outside of us. Let us be in a constant state of completion -- Mahanirvana! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. I will expand on Kalpataru. Before that, today in two cities -- Oklahoma-Somanatham and Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai -- devotees have gathered to attend the Kalpataru Darshan. I welcome all the devotees gathered specially for today's Kalpataru satsangh in both the cities. My blessings to both of you, both the cities! I will expand on Kalpataru and a few of the Mahabharata characters. Continuously I am talking on this one subject for the last few days. Wherever I may go, this side, that side, I come back to this one subject, this one topic -- SDHD, Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial.....Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial. Please listen! Listen sincerely! Whether you own hundred crores or two-hundred crores or three-hundred crores, or a billion dollars or trillion dollars, as long as you are suffering with SDHD (Self-Doubt, Hatred, Denial), life will be Hell, understand! Hell or Heaven are made from inside, not from outside. I am going to talk on this one subject, may be, for the rest of my life, not just this year or next year. Of course, I am going to live at least 126 years in this body, in this physical body. So, may be, rest of my life I am going to talk about this subject. Last year I was talking on the subject of Completion. Now I am speaking on what you should complete. Last full year I was introducing the Science of Completion. Now I am going to introduce what you should complete. Actually, if you dig deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, the root of the root-patterns, anxiety, fear, all this is from Self-Hatred. You yourself don't want to bless you with what you wanted. One side you wanted a beautiful life, but you yourself don't want to bless that you should have it, you yourself have a tremendous doubt, you yourself have a tremendous hatred, you yourself decide you can't have that life you wanted. That is very funny! That is very funny! Why should you have this kind of doubt towards you? Because -- listen, I am defining why -- because, you have started forgetting slowly, slowly, about you! When you started falling into unconsciousness, some part of you started hating you. When you are conscious you want to do something; when you are dull, tired, the same part of you does not want that! Already, yesterday, I gave you the medicine for depression. Yesterday or day-before-yesterday I don't know, but a few days before I gave the medicine for depression. What is the medicine? Slap yourself, Wash the face, simply Show Up! Why this washing the face? You should slap yourself so strongly, your fingers should have their imprint on your cheek! Why you should wash yourself you know? So that others don't see you have slapped yourself! That is what you are doing! Please listen, every time you put yourself in depression, you are abusing you, you are disrespecting you! Look deeper and deeper why you become violent, why you become abusive. Because some parts of you, you cannot tolerate, you go on abusing others. A group of people who cannot tolerate themselves, abuse others when they gather, naturally they become a terrorist organization. Day-before yesterday, a few rowdies went and attacked one of our Swamis -- Bhaktimayananda -- in Bangalore. I didn't speak about it because I didn't get the complete report who attacked. But that fellow who attacked, he himself gave a confession in the TV channel that he and his group only went and attacked. Now I want to tell him, running a terrorist organization, a rowdy organization is very easy. You always get people who attack others, who kill others; but, I tell you, running a social service organization is very difficult. I am challenging this rowdy who sent these rowdies to kill my Swamis. There my Swami was running a Goshala (protective shelter for cows) and giving Anna Dhaan (seva of offering free food) to people who come, and planning to build a meditation hall. He was doing humble social service, whatever he can. The local people used to tell me, 'Swamiji, your sannyasi, Bhaktimaya, cleans even the street!' He used to work for keeping the public main street clean. I am challenging this rowdy: try to create one service organization, then you will understand! Doing rowdyism is very easy because you just need to instigate people's violence; but helping them to complete with their violence and...

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