Heal yourself through completion

July 19, 2014


In today's (18th July, 2014) morning satsang from Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about completing with the pain patterns. These are the small side effects and after effects of the root patterns that are responsible for diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure and conditions like depression and restlessness. These will all melt down once these pain patterns are completed. He advised us all to spend 2 hours once every month or 2 to do this completion even after Inner Awakening. TRANSCRIPTS:- In Inner Awakening, we are going to work on a very important component of human-beings which should not be an important component, but which became an important component. That is the "pain pattern". Understand, burning the root pattern is very important so that it does not grow more and more, the patterns don't grow more and more. But completing with all other patterns is also very important -- like, the results of the pain pattern, results of the root patterns caused. For example, the main cause of the root pattern is your life. Your life itself has become the main cause of the root pattern. The root pattern cause, main cause is the way you live. And these pain patterns are like small, small, small side-effects. Not only you need to complete with the root pattern, you have to complete with even the pain patterns which are side-effects and after-effects. If you complete with the root pattern, you can be sure it will not grow again, it will not repeat again itself in your life. But....listen, but, the many side-effects of root pattern already created in your body, they also need to be completed. For example, listen, I will give you this example: Because of root pattern, so many permanent damages are done to your body and mind, for example, like diabetes, high blood pressure, constant restlessness. All this has become part of your lifestyle. Even if you burn the root pattern, these permanent damages done to your lifestyle -- like diabetes, high blood pressure, constant irritation mood, depression, all these -- all these will go away only when you work on all the pain patterns created by root patterns all these years which you entertained. See, once you burn the root pattern, it will not come back again from tomorrow and repeat in your life. But what about the many permanent damages done to your body all these years because of the root pattern? Those are all called "pain patterns". If you burn your root pattern, immediately you will not be out of your diabetes, you will not be out of your high blood pressure; you will have to complete with all the pain patterns, which is the ripple effect of the root patterns in you. That is what we are going to do today. (buffering on NTV at this point.......) Your expectation is wrong. It is like you go to an engineer and try to expect that he will serve you food! No! Even that can be considered as innocence. But if you expect pharmaceutical industries to cure you, it is absolute ignorance, stupidity! Because, what for are they running the company? Understand, in India, medicine was always non-profit from the beginning. All of you need to know, in my village I have seen, the doctor will never get paid, but whenever the harvest happens, he gets his share. I remember clearly, three share maraca -- "maraca" is the measure in Indian villages -- three share maraca for one acre of land. Anybody who owns one acre land, he gives three shares maraca to the doctor. And the barber never gets paid in Indian villages; he gets one share. And the drummer, the musicians of the temple, he never gets paid. Any programme in any house, good or bad, they will come and play. They don't get paid; they will get one share. Understand, Indian doctor gets paid only when you are healthy. He doesn't get paid if you are sick. If you are sick and don't work in the land, he doesn't get paid. So, naturally, his interest is in keeping you healthy. I am telling you in those days! In those days he gets his income if you are kept healthy. Now if you fall sick only he has money. Then what do you think? He is not a Paramahamsa who does not want anything. He wants his car, he wants his house, he wants to have money. He wants money to pay to his doctor when he falls sick! Understand, medical care and education, both were never "paid service" in Vedic lifestyle, in Vedic tradition. Both were never "paid service"; it was done by voluntary contribution so that the purity of both can be kept. Anyhow...... Whatever western medical methods have taught you are permanent conditions, can just melt down, please understand, melt down and heal itself just by completing with all the pains.

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