Healers Day Nithyananda Jayanthi Morning Message 27 Dec 2010

January 5, 2011


Today is healer's day of the 10 day celebrations of living enlightened master and avatar PAramahamsa Nithyananda's Jayanthi celebrations. Today's subject is heal yourself & heal the cosmos. He spoke in detail about Vedic Tradition and how every single person's dedicated contribution adds to it. Vedic tradition is so powerful anything in any small dimension, any way you understand, the moment you understand, it empowers you. That is the power of that tradition. The secret of healing, the essence of healing, the definition of healing is: Just be! You will heal your body, and people who are around you and the whole cosmos. Please understand just be nothing else. Be in your body. Please understand just be inside what you think as your body. That is enough. You may think -- what is this; that is what we are doing. NO. you think you are inside your body. You are never inside your body. First thing that will happen to you is you will heal that intense pain and battered consciousness you are carrying. When you decide to be inside your body, the power of the present moment will work on you. it will always heal your system. That is why I am reminding you again & again -- just come back to your body. Just be. To heal the cosmos and yourself, you don't need anything else -- just be! Biggest problem is we think that be is too simple or too difficult. Don't decide it is too simple and think it will not bring the result. NO. don't think it is too complicated because you failed last 2-3 times and stop doing effort. My message on healer's day to all healers who belong to Nithyananda Sampradaya, and all healers who belong to spiritual, ancient mystical traditions and all healers who belong to modern day tradition. Whoever heals body & mind on planet earth -- my message to all of you is Just being. Even if you are allopathy doctor, just learn how to be in your system. The effect of healing you create on your patients will be intense, amazing, surprising and positively shocking. Whether you are a medical professional or psychological healer or spiritual healer -- whatever healer you may be and whatever way you may be healing body & mind on planet earth -- add this simple truth in your life -- Just be -- you will heal yourself and the world. Just be. Intense compassion will start oozing out through your very system. Nothing can help you and the world like the intense compassion which oozes out when you are just in being is the sarva roga nivaarini -- cure for all diseases in the world. So please understand, it is time we wake up and send a message of compassion, healing in a non-violent way to whole universe in a systematic, non-violent but strong way as a huge spiritual wave. So I request all the devotees around the world now I will sit with you all for 3 minutes. Just be. Let us create the intense effect on your body. Let us just heal the cosmos. Just unclutch and be. No need of any mantra or meditation, I will see that you all have intense eN effect happen to you. Let the eN effect happen on all of you. Let us heal the cosmos.

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