Hinduism’s Third Eye Science is Proven to Heal the Blind

February 21, 2019


In this Satsang (26 January 2019), Bhagavan explains how Hinduism is fundamentally a spiritual science which builds credibility through various methods of research and analysis, ending with a logical conclusion that show the results. Bhagavan reveals that Paramashiva is not only operating through His body but also through His Divya Shariras (mediums). All over the world by the grace of Bhagavan, the Divya Shariras are initiating and making the born blind and visually impaired beings able to see through their Third Eye. Bhagavan declares that every single person born blind or visually impaired will be given this spiritual support absolutely free of cost during this Thai month (per Hindu calendar)! Register now: https://tiny.cc/nlighten2019

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