Hold the peak possibility for everyone by Nithyananda

September 24, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivers new insights on how to make enriching our lifestyle. Living the essence of enriching is not giving up on ourselves, holding ourselves by ourselves to our highest possibility, while not giving up on others. Enriching raises us to a higher frequency, allowing us to see that everyone is part of us. Now why would we give up on others, knowing we are essentially giving up on ourselves? When we give up on ourselves, we declare bankruptcy with the Cosmos! Let us declare to enrich ourselves, others, and live our highest possibility in Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, and Enriching! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will expand on "BRINGING ENRICHING INTO YOUR LIFE -- ENRICHING AS A LIFESTYLE". Please understand, when you bring Integrity into your thinking, Authenticity into your actions, Responsibility into your cognition, Being, whatever happens is only one part of you. If you bring Enriching in your life, literally your whole life is raised to the next frequency. Enriching raises you completely to the next frequency. Please listen! Let me define "Enriching". Enriching means, "Constantly raising you to the higher levels with the clarity that others are also part of you." Constantly raising you to the next level whether it is physical health, mental health, or spiritual well-being, in relationships, or in anything, raising you to the next level, knowing others are also part of you. Basically, please understand, it boils down to not giving up on you and others, not allowing this status quo lifestyle which Indians are in love with. If I have to describe the whole India in one word, I will describe "Status Quo". Really, I am telling you! Anything, "status quo" is our default program! Just "status quo"! Whether it is a social problem to be solved, or a property issues! One guy came to me and he told me, 'Swamiji I am sitting in a property for the last thirty years. Please bless me that I should get the property documentations in my name.' I said, 'What do you mean? Thirty years you are sitting and you don't have the documentation in your name? Means it's not your property?' 'No, Swamiji. When the property came in the court for a case, before he got the stay order, I just went and sat inside the property. I went inside as if I am going to brush my teeth and do 1-2-3 and come out. Morning I heard when I was in the property, I got the Status Quo! And for the last thirty years I am in that property.' Already "Status Quo". "Status Quo" means, just it is there. It should be there as it is; undisturbed. Only in India you can have this thirty years status quo and all. And now this fellow thinks he can get ownership! Please understand, if you are from some other country and you are watching the satsangh, you may laugh! But, in India, it is a lifestyle! The first thing we need is to get out of this pattern of status quo. Even in your life, you can see. Indian divorce is nothing but status quo. Husband and wife, both will be living in the same house. Not one day, two days; 15-20 years they will be living in the same house, they won't even be talking to each other! Sometimes, both of them will use the same bedroom, but things are in status quo! What is the status quo? Same way, I have seen these religious leaders, peethadhipathis, when they face even a small conflict in their life, they put themselves in status quo. I have seen a few peethadhipathis who are in status quo for the last forty years! After their coronation, they have not moved anything else other than one or two things in their life which should not be moved! No! The whole thing is just status quo! Getting out of this status quo mentality...... Please understand, again and again, I am asked this question, 'Why can't I just live this middle-class life and die? What is the use of unnecessarily working so much, thinking so much?' Life oozes through your body for fulfillment, for its highest expression. Please understand, when a bank gives you a loan of a million dollars, it expects you to become rich by doing business, putting your intelligence and effort into it. Not only you will pay back.....Of course, if you don't pay back, they will take away your properties that is different, but all the banks don't expect when they give you the loan that they have to only take away your properties. They really expect you to flourish, pay them back with interest and continue to develop more and more relationship. Any good bank will expect you will become successful in your life. Same way, when the Cosmos gives you life, it expects you to become the peak possibility. It is not expecting you to become bankrupt. It is not expecting you to declare bankruptcy. Understand, giving upon you is "declaring bankruptcy". And never, ever expect again any loan from Cosmos! If you give up on you, you are declaring bankruptcy with Kalabhairava! Forget about any good thing in your life anymore!

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