How Bidadi Got Its Name?

almost 11 years ago


TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 IN KODAIKANAL, INDIA In today's satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the origin of the name Bidadi. Bidadi is the village next to Nithyananda's main ashram, near the South Indian city of Bangalore. When the maharajas (kings) of Mysore (about 4 hours' travel by car from Bangalore) decided to establish a royal seat in Bangalore, they camped in the area where Bidadi lies now while their palace was constructed. Bidadi means "camp" or "temporary lodging". Nithyananda extends the metaphor of living in a "temporary lodging" to our entire life on Earth. We are just visitors here, borrowing a human body for a few decades. When remember that perspective, we grow more light-hearted and take our circumstances less seriously.

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