How to Catch a Guru? Brahma Sutra 2 short clips Nithyananda

March 8, 2011


In this short clip taken from Brahma Sutra 2, Paramahamsa Nithyananda elaborates on how to catch the right guru - enlightened master. How do you know if you have found your Guru? If you peel away the things you and he have in common, and if you feel there is still something more about him which you yourself do not have - then you have found your Guru. If not, he is not worthy of being your Guru, and you are not worthy of being his disciple. The Guru disciple relationship is sacred, should be started after thorough research and should never be ended. Change of Guru is perfectly alright. After some time you might become more mature and you want to connect to another Master. But, dropping from the Guru and not having another Guru is a crime - it means you didn't drop from the earlier Guru because you have matured, but because you have fallen. The full Brahma Sutra 2 discourse is available at

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