How To Create What You Want - on Willpower, Will Persistence, and Will Arrogance

August 29, 2016


How To Create What You Want: Willpower, Will Persistence, and Will Arrogance. In this special session of the Living Shuddhadvaita Process of 28 August 2016 Swamiji explains the science of creating what you want, the science of our will. This is the real secret behind the law of attraction, coming straight from the greatest enlightened being of our times. It is not only about visualising what you want to create, but mainly about how we use our will, our intention. These deep insight will make you understand how we often fail and lose confidence in ourselves, and how to change that into succes. The key is not using will power, because that will lead us into the viscous cycle of will arrogance. The key to manifesting what you want is having will power, knowing that you are nothing but your intention to be and the decision to become that, no matter what.

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