How to Experience Oneness Through Ferociousness

February 7, 2018


In this video (6 February, 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals what it fundamentally takes to be in Oneness.The only way to make Oneness your space is through ferociousness. Based on this video, answer the following questions to receive educational credits from Nithyananda University. 1. What does it take to be in the space of Oneness A)Imagination b)Declaration c)Experience d)Meditation 2. If something which brings boredom and tiredness in you then Kala has not become ________ in you a)Cognition b)Space c)Visualization d)Depth 3. Whom did Swamiji mention who has mastered the life of Brahmacharya a)Dridharashtra b)Bhishma c )Yudishtra d)Kunthi Submit your answers here:

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