How to find your Guru - Love at First Sight

March 2, 2016


How to find your Guru? How do you know when you have met your Guru? Nithyananda explains it in a very simple way. We don't have to worry so much about finding our Guru, and whether the Guru we are with is really our Guru. When you have found your Guru, you will simply not be able to forget that person. He will be there as an undercurrent, even while you go through your daily routine you will think of him, remember him. When this doesn't happen naturally for you, than keep searching for your Guru. Do not force yourself in any way - the connection cannot be forced, it will simply happen. Nithyananda says it is like falling in love - it simply happens, no effort required. But, with a Master, it is more like raising in love. Clip taken from Q&A Session on Wealth and Abundance: Watch also this clip: How to Catch a Guru:

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