How to Identify The Avatar -The Story of Swan, Unclutch® Discourse - Part 5, 25 Feb 2008

May 3, 2019


In this video Swamiji gives a discourse and explains the essence of life, and what having a master is. He tells a story about some fish, a swan, and the different reactions that the fish have when they see the swan’s reflection in the water they are living in. Swamiji uses this allegory to prove to us that everything we see and perceive about the master(the swan) is not true to reality. The whole point of life, as Swamiji explains, is to look up and think that there might be something beyond the reflection. This is how we should view our relationship with the master in order to catch the essence of him. Instead of trying to logically define him we should simply be inspired by his form to provoke wonder about life itself. This is what true spirituality is. Support the World's Only Hindu Nation:

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