How to walk on water

April 25, 2011


Nithyananda speaks on the Patanjali Yoga Sutra 141. The sutra gives the technique for walking on water, but also to walk on the air and sky (levitation) and to be able to decide when to leave the body, dying at will. In India, mastery of this spiritual power is very common. Even watching others express supernatural powers, awakens the bio-memory for these same powers in you. Creating an energy field where different bio-memories of extraordinary powers are awakened in human beings is the job of an incarnation. The siddha tradition defines 10 different flows of prana (air) in our system. Mastering these flows through pranayama gives the result of walking on water. In this discourse, Nithyananda gives the straight technique for walking on water, air, fire, swords or whatever you like, and being able to decide when to leave the body.

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