Hunger, Fear & Lust

February 12, 2014


In today’s (10th February, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals that many patterns we carry are just part of our biological clock and can be easily altered. Hunger, fear, and lust are the main patterns we encounter daily. We can observe how each of these patterns arrive at nearly the same time each day – hunger attacks in the morning, fear grips us at sunset, and lust shows up after 9pm. We should take care to never make any decisions from the space of these three, but observe how they hold us and complete with them – that is Living Enlightenment! Watch:- TRANSCRIPTIONS:- So I’ll , I’ll expand on Completion with others today. Please understand, completion with others is nothing but causing the power of completion happen in everyone. See, completion with others starts happening if you are in the space of completion. Actually, many people ask me, ‘I want to complete with her, complete with them.’ But I tell them, ‘Unless you come to the space of completion, don’t go for completion because if you are in incomplete you go there for completion, you will only pick up fight and come back. Put yourself in more incompletion put the other person in more incompletion.’ It is both bulls are hitting in my campus, I only have to take care and the whole world is my campus! So, I always tell people, ‘You come to the space of completion and decide completion with others is like a causing the same space into other person.’ Causing the same space into other person, not only that, you should now know you have to speak into the other person’s listening. Sometimes, even when I know very clearly somebody is going to have suffering because of their, the “grihas”, astrological influences, or their mental setup, I won’t be able to tell them, I won’t tell them, because their listening is not ready to receive it. Either they will suspect I am lying or they will doubt I am cursing , so naturally all I do is just keep quiet , maybe I’ll be ready to give them support. So, please understand, when you go to complete also you have to speak into the listening of the person with whom you are completing. In these next six days, you will be experientially taught, you will be experientially taught to speak into the listening of the listener. Please understand, you have to have tremendous sensitivity towards human-beings unless you are a great Master. If you are a great Master, you should not have any sensitivity to human emotion because they’re useless. But if you are an ordinary human-being working in the plane of ordinary human-being, you should understand people are a bunch of patterns. People are bunch of patterns. Their money, their land, their properties, their wealth, all that is of a great help – please listen – all that is of great help in their life. Listen, I am giving a very important example, for a person, his money, his land, his car, his relationships, all that is of a great help for him. Because he thinks all are great help for him, he starts thinking slowly that all of them are part of him and develops many patterns related to them and lives as a bunch of patterns. Please understand, when you make ten-crore or hundred-crore , you plan that you, your “vamsha”, all of you will live with that money, but by the time you make that money you start thinking that money has become part of you and the patterns around money have become part of you. Understand, then by the time you have hundred-crore, you are no more capable of living because already you have become a bunch of patterns, bunch of patterns. Human-beings are bunch of patterns, so even when you do good to them, even when you want to do good to them, you have to go near them very carefully you have to talk into their listening very carefully with a lot of sensitivity. In your case, a normal man, you supposed to create the space of completion in you and share that space with others. That is what is “completion with others”. But the Master’s job is a little different. He just cuts out a part of incompletion in you which you will be constantly creating with one or another and throws it for crow. Listen, but you won’t be able to do that job, if you try to do that job you’ll only get into more incompletions and fight , you will only start getting into the fight with the other person , He is not going to let you work on him. Ability to speak into the listening of the listener happens only if you move to the space of Completion. Completion the space of completion is experienced only with the ability to speak into the listener’s listening, ability to speak into the listener’s listening. Please listen, danse suniya. If you listen yourself, you will lead you to the space of completion. Completion is nothing but you listening to you sincerely with a deep sensitivity.

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