In Search of Miracles - Part 1 (1st Sept 2004, Los Angeles)

May 10, 2020


His Divine Holiness (HDH) Nithyananda Paramahivam started traveling around the world when He was just 25 years of age in 2003. Even at that early age, He had the clear vision of establishing Kailasa, the enlightened civilization and greatest Hindu nation. In 2004, He undertook His second world tour, covering three regions - Malaysia, USA and South America. He visited 10 cities in the USA, conducting meditation programs, delivering free satsangs, and initiating the people with the Hindu Truths. In just His second world tour, He ordained 50 acharyas (teachers) who would carry forth the tenets of Hinduism to humanity at large. It is on this tour HDH delivered multiple breakthrough discourses on powerful sciences from Hinduism that are deeply relevant to the modern day. Here He reveals the only 2 ways of living life - Live as though "Everything is a Miracle" OR "Live as though Nothing is a Miracle"! However the search for miracles should lead you beyond miracles, because when you start mongering for mysteries you miss the mystery of mysteries - which is God, Existence. Whatever you think as Past and Future is nothing but a projection of the Present. We only fall into the present by mistake, never consciously. Doing anything that puts you in the Present is what HDH calls as Meditation. He reveals that when you fall into the present, you touch the time shaft. In such Meditation, when you experience the present moment, the future is under your control and a whole different dimension of Self opens up. This gives you the Shakthi - the power to make your dream as reality and Buddhi-realization that all your reality is nothing but a dream. The greatest miracle is when you see the whole universe in your being.

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