Indian Gurukul, The Future Of Education

May 26, 2015


Today’s (16 May15) Nithya Satsang on Kathopanishad from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda enters into the first Shanti Mantra, peace chant, which sets the context for the whole Indian education system with its unique concept of knowledge transmission from Master to a student or disciple, where a student lives with Master absorbing the science of enlightenment from him (Gurukul), learning any skills from archery to sculpting to sciences. Revealing the disparities, inadequacies of the western education system, he draws us to its non-involvement narrative based day-scholar method, systematically introduced in India by vested interest western historians to disrespect and discard this awakening-based Indian education system; that is so subtle, powerful and needs both the Master and student to learn together and enrich constantly. As a Master for millions of disciples, He declares the end of this ignorance in education and announces the truth that the future of education is going to be the Indian Gurukul Education System led by him, that will lead the world as Teachers for the world.

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