Inner Awakening IS Spiritual Awakening

March 1, 2014


In today's 01st March, 2014 Morning Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Swamiji wonderfully exposes our Vasanas by which we work against what we want to achieve. Wonderfully citing the practical cases that we go through each day how with "In-Actions" like postponing how we Decide to play with the vasanas and work against what we really wish and want. This energy giving / uplifting discourse by Swamiji turns around the slumber and moves us towards achieving what we want to have for ourselves in our lives. Swamiji explained how Inner Awakening elevates us beyond all the Vasanas to realize the Spiritual Awakening and appealed to allow the Inner Awakening to happen. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I wanted to reveal this important truth to all of you and I wanted this to become part of your immediate cognition. The first thing, human-beings go on fantasizing, go on visualizing, 'This, this, this, this, this all should happen in my life...', but go on continuing to have the lifestyle, thinking-style, working-style, completely opposite to what they want to achieve. Listen! Want to have some things as reality in life, but working completely in the opposite direction, the thinking-style, working-style everything completely in the opposite direction! This is what I call "vaasana". It is like there are some fellows who wanted to melt down in devotion, bhakti. When they see the devotees ecstatic, just lost in ecstasy, they get jealous! 'See, see, see....see this person's devotion. What a joy he or she is radiating! They are ecstatic!' They are jealous seeing the ecstasy of the devotees. But, what needs to be done to achieve that as a reality, they will not do. Their lifestyle, their way of acting, way of thinking, everything will be completely in opposite direction. Same way in the world, they will see the successful CEOs, sitting in a rotating chair, addressing the round-table conferences, flying in private jet, all that they will see, they will feel jealous; they will feel they want to create that as their reality. But if you see their thinking-style, working-style, their functioning-style, they will continue to remain in their default, thinking, feeling, acting, living style which is completely opposite to the reality they want to cause. This is what I call "vaasana". Please understand, immediately what binds you is "vaasana". For example, if you are put in prison, police, judiciary, prison authorities, all of them only largely bind you; but immediately what binds you is the bar, the door, and the lock and key with which the door is locked. That only immediately binds you. Same way, the Maya, ignorance, all that only largely binds you. But "vaasana" is the door gate which immediately binds you. Many a time, you do not know who is that officer who convicted you, or who is that officer who locked you up; but you will feel the suffocation, boundedness when the door is locked. Just like the door is the immediate bondage you experience, in life "vaasana" is the immediate bondage, understand! One good news you have is, in the system of the country law, even if you escape from the immediate bondage, like you break the prison and run away, the largest bonding system, the police or all that system, they will somehow bring you back and put you in another prison. But the good news you have is, in the cosmic law, the moment you break the immediate bondage, the whole cosmos supports you and liberates you once for all! This is the biggest difference between the country law and cosmic law. End of the day, country law is man-made, cosmic law is God-made! Naturally the purpose is different, understand. And ultimately even country law can't torture you when God wants to protect you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...! Listen! God has a space even in the hearts of the people who execute the country law. So he knows! And still he has lot of people through whom he can operate running the country law. First thing you need to understand, the truth I wanted to convey to all of you through this example, if you break your immediate bondage, the "vaasana" -- listen -- the immediate bondage, the "vaasana", suddenly you will see the whole ocean of powers opens in front of you! I am giving you one example. People always have this "vaasana" of, 'How can he get up in the early morning and do Yoga?' Everyone visualizes themselves with a yogic, slim, lean, powerful, energetic, six-pack body. Every one fantasizes about themselves. But only when 3:30 alarm goes on, all the "vaasanas" wake up! You don't wake up when the 3:30 alarm goes on; "vaasanas" wake up! 'Why not just today? Today is after all one day after Shivaratri.' Listen! Everybody goes on fantasizing about a yogic body.

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