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August 29, 2012


Nithyanandam ! My name is Stephie. I am from Vancouver, Canada. I am a full time human resource manager at an international bank. In addition I also manage my own real estate business. I chose to come to Inner Awakening just to be in the breathing space of the master for 21 days. The venue, the place did not matter to me. All that mattered was the space. I am glad I made that decision. Because the program is designed in such a beautiful way, every day was just revealing a new dimension of me. I didn't realize while I was having fun and enjoying the program. And all the exercises that we did together along with the yoga, I was actually transforming slowly and steadily within. And each day was bringing out a new revelation to me. One of the things that I would like to point out was the unclutching, which I experienced in a very strong way. Before I came to Inner Awakening, unclutching was just a term to me. Everytime I did something and was attached to the results of my action I would hear Swamiji's voice telling me unclutch. I would try to and in some cases I did and in some I didn't . And when I didn't I would say well, Swamiji if I unclutch here I am not going to do anything and no one else is going to do. So that question always came up in my mind. After coming to Inner Awakening even that question has disappeared. There is no thought and one thing that I realize is that unclutching is no longer a thought. It's no longer an action. Its just a beautiful space to be within. You just work out of that space and everything just unfolds to you. The whole world is at your fingertips. You can just tap anything that you want out of this universe. Just with that power of unclutching. And that is something that I really gained out of Inner Awakening. My advice to anybody who is even contemplating to coming to Inner Awakening or even planning a vacation. Believe me! Trust me! Come to Inner Awakening. It is a vacation which will not end when your flight touches your city airport but will continue not for a lifetime but for lifetimes. Nithyanandam!

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