Inner Awakening Sharings - Greatest opportunity !

August 30, 2012


So far the experience has been ultimate the innerawa.. i realized that uncluthing is my true state. i dont have to do anything for it. more than all these states i have experienced, what i really experiened with swami in close quarters is swami teached me how to eat like a mother and he gave reason why i need to eat with hands like father. thta is the experiece i would be aking away the best experience i would be taking away from ia. ghe greatest opportuiny that anyone could get from these 21 days is you get to be in close quarters with swamiji. you get to eat with him , you get to talk with him, you get to ask most intimate questions and get the solutions what you need. that is something which i was not expecting apart from meditation, able to do meditation, unclutching, these are all the expectations. But Being able to be with swami from such close quarters is something that i didnt expect. that is something that i didnt expect. and that is the best thing that anyone can have.. so thats what should be my takeaway from the entire innerawakening program.

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