Is Happiness always best for You - Talks from Kathopanishad by Nithyananda

over 10 years ago


In today's Satsang Paramhamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) talked about the importance of identifying our root patterns. When we understand the root patterns of our life we can get out of those patterns. When we help others to get out of their patterns we can enrich them. Swamiji elaborated on 28th and 29th verse of Kathopnishad. When Nachiketa stands by his request, Yama falls in love with Nachiketa's Authenticity and tells him the first secret. He tells Nachiketa the importance of choosing between the "good" and the "pleasant". That which is good may not be always pleasant and that which is pleasant may not be always good for us. Swamiji inspired everyone to choose authenticity even if it appears unpleasant, because he who chooses the pleasant over the good misses the true end. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Prathap come on! Hey Prathap where is he? Call...came late? I welcome all of you with my love and blessings Come come come come Today this guy our Gurukul kid Pratap he asked me he wants to build a temple.Other gurukul kid Rupan also asked I told him this Pratapan's family is from Chettiyar community I told him.Hey this is the book for you...ok?(Swamji handling the book to the gurukul Kid) ok? Sit You have to read this book this tells your biological family heritage Understand.?Your biological family builds temples. Your ideological family puts Gods!(Audience claps, Swamiji laughs) Hey Rupan come. Where is he? Huh? Why?ohhh....This guy has asked me I asked him what boon he wants? He said I want to build temple.Come sit here But you should sit here quietely ok? I asked this guy Rupan what you want -- he said chikkies.I gave him Then I asked him I will give you one more boon. He said he wants to build temple. I said you build any number of temples I will supply any number of materials for you.Hey after reading the book you should know how your biological family build temples(pointing to the gurukul kid). Then he(other gurukul kid ) came and asked can I also help Rupan build temple? I said you can help Rupan to build temple and you can build your own also both .Hey Rupan do you know now your mother will be seeing you?(Swamji Laughs) No this guy built a beautiful temple in his house.In Coimbatore.Coimbatore na? In Coimbatore he has built an very beautiful temple I saw that temple when I went to diwali he was worshipping When I saw that picture I said oh God This is what exactly what I did. And where I landed you see. Iso beautifu So happy. Hey you guys are only one step away..lIterally Rupan you understand. You are only one step down.He is afraid.Your temple only na? Project. Rupan's personal temple built by Rupan personally! You built with your own hands? Huh?He built and he himself worshipped.. beautiful...I will give you another one book how to build temples. Okay Rupan?And you should take care see I told you I will give any material you want to build temple you should make sure your student helps me to make my temples ok? Your female students should help me to make jewellery for deities male students should help to build the temples. Deal Deal? So Today Niraahaara samyama 3rd level 7th day. so we have only 4 more days. Am I right? Great. And an important thing. So in a very fulfilling way. I have never never experienced Sangha going through this kind of fulfillment . The Brahmanyam bahuputrataam 9th day. See many time when people get my love they feel joy and all that, that and all I have seen. But never I have seen as a whole group feeling so inspired. All BB participants do you agree with this? Yes(From the BB participants)Any of you feel that really this is the peak of my inspiration after coming to the sangha. Raise your hands the Brahmanyaam Bahuputrataam participants. great!No I'm asking about you guys only so great. And even for me this is the peak of inspiration for me and for you guys also. It is so beautiful. I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos. Brahmanyam bahuputrataam! So beautifully the class is happening. The real transformation is happening. We can have this also as a ring tone -- Brahmanyam bahu putrataam! Brahmanyam bahu putrataam! Brahmanyam bahu putrataam! Record pannitiya paa(Did you record it?) Now I can see St. Louis Festus, Devonk UK, Adayar Chennai,North Hollywood Los Angeles,Sydney Australia,Next to Sydney? Scottsdale Arizona, Bangalore nithyananda vidyalaya, then? Chicago loop, oman sivaGangai, That's it? Record pannriya paa(Did you record it?) Ok vaa?(Is it ok?), , -- Brahmanyam bahu putrataam! Brahmanyam bahu putrataam! Brahmanyam bahu putrataam! Iam the favourite inheritor of the cosmos Iam the favourite inheritor of the cosmos Iam the favourite inheritor of the cosmos. That will be one more ringtone whoever wants they can have that ringtones ...soon we will have 1008 ringtones from Swamiji's voice. All the major clicks If you are working with certain truth, certain tatva have that as the ring tone till it become satya . Great. So beautiful.

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