Is your past bossing your future?

December 5, 2013


In today's morning satsang from Bali Paramahamsa Nithyanandaspoke to us about manana. He explained how in this era analysis is only for rejecting and discarding. Manana is intranalyzing.Intranalyzing is analyzing to internalize with pure truth seeking. He surprised us with the truth that the present is not filled with the past as we think it is filled with the future.He told us to search n the future for the past to complete all the incompletions. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- The first Sutra on Knowledge in Vedic Tradition, the Brahmasutras, the first Sutra starts with Athatho Brahma Jignasa, Let us inquire into the Truth, Let us inquire into Existence. With this spirit of seeking the Truth, analyzing the Truth is Intranalyzing. Understand these few sacred secrets; then you will be able to understand what is Manana in a complete way. See, one of the biggest problems we have to live our present life is incompletions of the past. But, unfortunately, you don't understand the way the Past enters into your Present. Unless you understand the way it enters, you cannot get it out. Always you think your Present is filled with your Past, which is not true. Please listen! If you are listening, this should be a shocker for you! Your Present is not filled with your Past; it is always filled with your Future! Understand, the day before coming to Bali, November 28th or 29th or 30th, how you were feeling? Not only physically, even psychologically. You were there in the same old house with the same, same family, same job. You were there with them only. But how come you are all flying? Because, the Future was already filling the Present! Same way, imagine the 22nd of December how you will be? 21st of December you will be here with me; but you will be already like Nooo...; because, the Future is filling. So, please understand, your Future only is filling the Present, but your Future is filled with your Past! Understand, if you are thinking your Present is filled with your Past, you will never be able to solve the problem, because the Kaala have to understand the secret of Kaala Chakra. Kaala is painted in Hindu Tradition as a snake swallowing its own tail. Snake swallowing its own tail, that is the way Kaala is painted. The snake's head is Past, tail is Future. Be very clear, nothing about the Present is mentioned. In the visualization and presentation, only the Past and Future is mentioned; because, the description says, the Present can never be visualized and painted; by the time you paint, it has moved! By the time you click the picture, it is no more present! Past swallowing the Future is Time. You need to know where are you really living and what is the real obstacle. In any field we have geniuses. You can't cross Sushrutha in the Medical field, you can't cross Panini in Linguistic excellence, you can't cross Patanjali in Yoga. You can carve your own face for the Patanjali statue, that is okay! But you can't cross Patanjali! You can not! And you don't need to kids ! For the sake of kids we will be together This is Indian divorce! Indian divorce means, they will never separate legally, they will be together, even they will be living in the same house, sometimes even in the same room, but they won't be talking to each other! Any of you have seen or lived Indian divorce for some time in your life? (Somebody raises their hand). Yes, it is common, very common in India. Same way, your Past controls your Present, but not directly, but through the Future. First, liberate your Future from all the Past sitting on it, all the over-dosage of dos and don'ts from your Past. Please understand, the dos and don'ts of your Past should not be harassing your Future. Complete with all of that. Then the Past which is complete can fill your Present. No problem. Future which does not have the baggage of the Past can possess your Present, can live through your Present. We don't have problem with that. What is the actual problem? The actual problem is not the Future. The actual problem is Past disguised in the name of Future, Past wearing the cloth of the Future! Complete with everything sitting in your Past. Then welcome your Future. Complete everything sitting in the Future. All the decisions you made for the Future from the Past, complete with them. Then you are ready. The Future is beautiful to live! The Future is overflowing to live! The Future is a great Future! Understand, it is a possibility. The Future is God's statement to you: Still I trust you and I give you the possibilities! Future is great, but don't allow the Devil occupying the Future, the Past occupying the Future. No! The essence of today's satsangh: Know very clearly where you did the filing error.

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