'it is okay' can destroy you! (Talks on the Katopanishad)

over 10 years ago


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) cautions his sangha to stand fast in their commitments. Many people feel they can take one holiday from practice: "just for today" they can miss the class, break the fast, relax the vow, whatever zcommitment they have made can be dropped for just one day. Nithyananda warns his devotees that this one moment of laziness, of falling out of integrity, destroys all dedication and all achievements of penance. That small moment can shake mountains. When devotees make a sacrifice, they are taking responsibility for their circumstances. Standing fast in the fire of sacrifice gives the understanding of eternal life. The guru has ultimate expectations for his followers: it is their responsibility to stretch themselves to meet his vision of their potential. That is the true meaning of "surrendering to the guru". TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and Blessings. Today Makara Sankranthi, Pongal festival. I Bless you all on this auspicious Makara Sankranthi and Pongal festival. Let everything be auspicious. Today the sun take Uttarayana. From today it is very auspicious 6 months. Actually yesterday morning itself the Uttarayana started. Just after Kalabhairava said, I went and verified the calendar. Yesterday morning Uttarayana started, that is why the Makara Jyothi festival was held yesterday itself in Sabari Mala. And if you observed today, for the first time the sun rays came inside the garba mandir on the face. And today in Arunachala temple, sun rays enters the garba mandir and worships Arunachaleshwara every year. Every year on this day, only on this day sun rays enter garba mandir of Arunachaleshwara and worships Mahadeva directly. So let the grace f Surya/Sun be on all of us. Now I can see Bengaluru north and San Diego, Blessings. I have never seen sun rays entering garba mandir and directly falling in the face. Great! And I also wanted to offer my condolences to Sri Sri Sri Balaganagadharanatha Swamiji the pontiff of Adi chunchanagiri samsthana mutt. He passed away yesterday night..evening. Yesterday evening He left the body in his own hospital -- BGS hospital and his age is 68. All of you should know, He was like our elder brother, father, guide and amazing supporter from day one I came to Bangalore. It is He who insisted that I should stay in Bangalore and He inaugurated our Dhyanapeetam understand the Day 1 2003 January 1st when we had nothing. nothing more than half an acre of the Bidadi banyan tree. Please understand Jan 5th to 2003 only we go this land. January 1st of 2003, we had only that half an acre bit of the banyan tree. Only that was our possession and nothing else, He came and inaugurated the ashram, Blessed, stood by us, supported us, He was a great support from the day 1 till his last days. I offer my condolences on behalf of me and Dhyanapeetam and I also offer my prayers to Kalabhairava who is He kshetra devata of the chunchanagiri kshetra. Let Swamiji's soul rest in peace. I can remember 1000 sweet memories of Him. Fortunately this village, where we are our ashram this village is called Banadur which is his birth place. And in initial level, when we had some oppositions or problems, He stood by us so strongly, of course He stood by us till the end in all best possible way in every small event eve if there are only 100, 200 people are going to gather, He will come attend the event and He will tell me 'I am always standing by you Swamiji'. Once He came to our event even without even me inviting. He said ' I heard you were doing this program and I was driving by this side and I wanted to come and attend'. He came and attended and went. I said, "Swamiji it is disrespect to you. Why did you come even without me even inviting or organizing? At least if you had informed me, I would have organized". He told me, "I heard there are few local people trying to oppose you and if I come and stand by you, they will not oppose you. That's why I came". I still remember not local villages, local villages from the beginning they gave instructions, all the local villages are his family relatives. He gave them instruction to support and stand by us. They always stood by us. There were some miscreants anti-social elements, they came and tried to create problem. He came voluntarily and stood by us protecting, defending us in so many ways. And I still remember, once there was a function in Bidadi. They were giving Tula bhara, giving his equal weight silver for him. So there was a huge flower palki, palanquin decorated for him. He was supposed to go in the procession. Everything was ready, He came and before He sat on the procession, He called the organizers and asked them, 'Did you invite Nithyananda Swami?'. They said No. He said what do you mean? He is the local head. Call Him. Organizers came running to Bidadi to the ashram, saying Swamiji has come, He is not getting into the Palki, He is waiting for you in the car.

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