Kaala - The Fourth Dimension of the Universe Explained

June 20, 2018


In this video (31 December 2017), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals understandings about Kaala - the time dimension of the universe along with the length, breadth, depth and space dimensions. The time dimension of the universe is not limited to the chronological passage of time. Hours, minutes, seconds also represent time, but the time dimension is something more than that. Time is a binary oscillation between moments of associated powerfulness and associated powerlessness in our inner space. By manifesting powers and powerful cognitions repeatedly, we can get rid of this binary and be established in powerfulness - thus going beyond time and ageing. When the time spent in our actions do not align with our vision for life, we fall out of tune with the universal time dimension and fall prey to tiredness and boredom - this is what Sadashiva calls Paasha. Sadashiva also reveals that time is a rythmic continuum - whatever wealth we accumulate in this birth using powerful cognitions comes with us in the next birth along with the cognitions.

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