Kailaasa is the Enlightenment Ecosystem

January 17, 2019


In this exciting satsang dated 15 Jan 2017, Bhagawan makes the momentous announcement that the Ecosystem for Enlightenment in the modern day is ready. Here shares the methodology for achieving the state of Paramashiva, space of Paramashiva, powers of Paramashiva, being of Paramashiva and superconsciousness of Paramashiva. And offers initiations to all through the digital platform Kailaasa. Kailaasa is not a mere website, but literally digital nation where Paramashiva is going to reach out to each of every one of us. All teachings, initiations, inspiration capsules, oneness capsules, everything will available through Kailaasa, the digital nation. Come register at www.kailaasa.org and experience it for yourself.

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