Kalabhairava Ashtakam || Part 1 || Nithya Satsang || 05 May 2014

August 30, 2020


Name Of The Program : Nithya Satsang Part 1 Session on: Kalabhairava Ashtakam Date : 05 May 2014 Venue : Varanasi, India In this video Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH #Nithyananda Paramashivam shares His presence for #Kalabhairava Ashtakam on the Brahmotsavam happening before the morning Satsang. The Kalabhairavashtakam written by the great incarnation Sri #Shankaracharya describes #Kalabhairava to be the bestower of fame and all the worldly pleasures and the Supreme bliss. In #Shiva temples Kalabhairava is installed near the entrance of the temple, as He is the Kshetra Palaka – the protector of the energy field. In Adikailaasa Bengaluru Aadheenam, Swamiji has installed Kalabhairava near the main entrance of the Adheenam. To know more about Lord Kalabhairava : https://nithyanandapedia.org/index.php?title=Kalabhairava

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