Kalpataru Ability to Cause What You Want as Reality

January 2, 2014


In today’s (30th December, 2013) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda exclaims that each of us has the fire of possibility within us! We all carry the energy, in our inner space, to make whatever we want into reality. Let us reject the impossible and remember the possibility that exists in each of us! for full transcript of the discourse visit video/all TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I’ll expand on causing enlightenment from some more dimensions. Especially from the dimension of this Nithya Kalpataru Darshan. Please understand. All of us carry the energy to make what we want as reality in our space. Danse sunae. Please listen. All of us carry the energy to make what we want as reality. That is what is life. What is life? The ability to make what you want as reality is life. Whether you want health, wealth, happy, relationships, bliss, completion. Whatever you want. Causing that in your life. Ability to cause that in your life is life. For example you can’t do anything in your life then how can you even call that as a life? Maybe we can say that dead man or dead buried. Dead person or dead buried. NO! The ability to cause exists in everyone. Unfortunately like if too much of wood is dumped on small fire. Please understand, even too much of wood can put off the fire if the fire is too small and wood is too much. Same way, too much of impossibility is dumped on possibility fire. Possibility fire is too small and the impossibility wood is too much. If the fire can somehow manage to catch the wood, it will burn any amount of wood. It can even burn forests. That crucial initial moment were the wood is dumped on fire...If the fire gives up on itself, over. Somehow there is a blower, a little wind, the fire is supported, encouraged, enriched, initiated and it catches the wood then any amount of wood… the fire cannot be put off. All of have the possibility as a fire in us. The space of possibility as fire in us. But unfortunately the idea of impossibility too much is dumped on us. Too much is dumped on us. When too much idea of impossibility is dumped on us, by us, nobody else dumps on us. Only we dump it on our self. Yesterday as I said your suffering is not your suffering. Your suffering. Your suffering is your suffering because you are suffering. No one dumps on us. Understand it’s we. It’s we its web. So no one dumps the idea of impossibility in us. We go on thinking, grinding. Making some idea as member of your inner space again and again is remembrance. Making is as a member of you again and again is remembering. Because you remember impossible again and again and again the impossible becomes member in you. Who give the membership card, you? By remembering, you give membership card. Again and again remembering makes the impossibility as member of you. Membering is done by remembering. The idea of impossibility, the concept of impossibility, the more and more it is remembered it is remembered as part of you. Remembering the wrong ideas is giving up on you. Please understand, we think whenever we give up on our self, we don’t do anything we just rest, no. When you give up on you, you work a lot in the wrong direction. When you give up on you, you strengthen your negative faiths, you strengthen your negative patterns. You will be remembering either your possibility or impossibility. You can’t keep quiet. Keeping quiet is not possible. Keeping quiet is not possible even after death, forget about while you are alive. Even after death, you go on remembering either your hell or heaven. So when you remember your impossibility in you, the impossibility gets strengthened. Understand this word. Beautiful word. Remembering. Anything you remember again and again becomes member of you, part of you. If you remember about integrity again and again it becomes part of you. If you remember about authenticity again and again, that becomes part of you. If you remember about possibility again and again, that becomes part of you. If you remember impossibility again and again and again, it becomes part of you. Understand, anything you remember again and again becomes your muscle memory. Anything you remember again and again from your muscle memory becomes your biomemory. Anything you remember from your biomemory again and again becomes your bioenergy. Please remember this truth, never to allow impossibility to be remembered again and again and again. If the impossibility comes inside you in the form of remembering eject it out! Again and again, re-eject it out, reject it out, reject it out. Remember possibility. Re-eject impossibility. That is essence of Kalpataru.

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