Kalpataru Space of Possibility to fulfil your desires

January 21, 2014


In today's (20th January, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives us a beautiful message -- carry the space of possibility in our heart! There is a profound difference in living with possibility versus impossibility. When we perform actions with possibility in our hearts, we see beauty, joy and excitement with what we are doing -- it is anti-aging! With impossibility, the effort for the same action diminishes, filling us with tiredness, boredom and anxiety. Let us live with the idea that everything is possible in our daily lives! TRANSCRIPTIONS BELOW:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I especially welcome all the participants in Toronto-Kailasam, all the devotees, viewers, visitors gathered in Toronto-Kailasam for special Kalpataru Darshan, unique Kalpataru Darshan, Kalpataru Utsava. Wow! The hall is overflowing and people are in the garbha mandir also. Blessings to all of you! Great. I think first time the temple is overflowing! And, today, all the Inner Awakening participants, you guys are going to enjoy world's oldest recorded ritual -- Ganga Arathi. Please understand, see when a priest completes the ritual and signs a document and receives a salary, that document is called "Maniyam" "Maniyam" is the name of the document. All Hindu temples boast their age, their oldness, based on that "Maniyam" record only. That record where the priest completes the ritual signs and receives his salary, that record is accepted as the evidence to recognize the temple's oldness and unbroken worship. See, in Hindu Tradition, size of the temple does not matter. How many number of years the worship has happened without breakage, without disturbance. So, please understand, Sringeri Temple has a 1,200 years of unbroken record, Rameshwaram Temple has a 1700 years of unbroken record, and Ganga Arathi has record of 12,000 years! Understand 12,000 years. More than 1,000 Kumbha Melas, Ganga Arathi has record. It is unbroken ritual. The oldest ritual available to us, with record is Ganga Arathi. Done in "Har ki Pauri", means the "Feet of Shiva", where Ganga comes to wash the feet of Shiva. So, you are going to enjoy that ritual today on exactly the same spot. Of course, Vishwanath Temple and all have a long "Maniyam", but broken in-between; in-between was broken. Unfortunately, even Madurai Meenakshi Temple's "Maniyam" is broken; it is not continuous. During the Muslim invasion it was broken; and then the deity was smuggled into Adheenam and puja was going on there; but in the temple itself, the "Maniyam" is broken. Somehow, Rameshwaram, because they're island, the army cannot go to Rameshwaram you see; army has to stop at Pamban; army cannot go to Rameshwaram; so the Rameshwaram was saved! So, today, you guys are going to enjoy the Har ki Pauri Ganga Aarti, worship of Mother Ganga. It is recorded from the ancient time immemorial. The oldest ritual I have seen in any scripture recorded is Ganga Arathi only, Ganga's Puja, Puja done to Ganga, Ganga Arathi. It may be very simple ritual, I can say, maximum half-an-hour, or half-an-hour only the whole ritual is; but done without getting broken. One advantage is... See, a temple ritual, for example, Meenakshi Temple ritual, if Madurai is captured that ritual will be broken. If Rameshwaram is captured, that ritual will be broken. But, Ganga, you can never capture the whole banks of the Ganga. Only one part you can capture always, the other part will be free. In some corner this priest will go and perform the arathi. So, that is the way the ritual was kept alive. It was a unbroken tradition because the deity is too big, it cannot be captured by any enemies or war or army! How will you capture Gangotri to Ganga Sagar? Even if you capture her in Gangotri to Gangasagar, we will be sitting in Tapovan and doing it! Even if you capture, you can't keep an eye that ritual is not done. Alright, today, again, I wanted to expand on Kalpataru. Listen. This is for the Inner Awakening participants also. Danse suniya, please listen! There is a big difference between every action you take with the idea of "impossibility" and with the idea of "possibility". Understand? For example, from Haridwar you are travelling to Delhi. You are going by walk. Every step you put with the idea you are never going to reach Delhi, with the idea 'Who knows whether this is the right road? Who knows whether the weather will be helping us? Who knows I will not get into an accident and die?', with all kinds of doubts, the more number of steps you put, the more and more you will be tired, sick, depressed. If you walk in the same road with the idea of "possibility", more and more you will be excited; when you see every name-board, you will feel 'Wow! We are coming closer to Delhi, closer to Delhi!'; and the idea what you are going to achieve, enjoy, have in Delhi, that will inspire you and excite you more and more.

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