Karma and Healing: Nithyananda Morning Message (15 Oct 2010)

October 20, 2010


In this groundbreaking discourse on Karma and Healing, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes clearly that there is no good Karma or bad Karma. He defines what is good and bad Karma. Anything that one can assimilate in their life, anything that they can get in their frame of life is good karma. Anything that falls out of one's understanding is defined as bad karma. Paramahamsa Nithyananda further elaborates on good and bad karma using various examples like projector screen. The idea is to expand the projector screen as much as possible so that as much light of life can be captured by the projector screen. He also describes about life being an unpredictable happening and taking this unpredictability and uncertainty is life and good karma. Every such uncertainty gives a possibility for a new beginning. For example, every cancer is a possibility for new body and every depression is a possibility for new mind.

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