Karma is Just your Belief in Impossibility

April 6, 2014


In today's (24th March 2014) morning Satsang in Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda advises us to spend some time in the company of a Master, only then we can get real transformation. Advaita can be like over-the-counter medicine, it can give some truths for us to live by, but it is not the Source of the truth. To get to the Source, we need to spend time around a Master who can perform the spiritual surgery needed to make the truths part of our inner space. Only then transformation really happens and becomes our Reality! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, I will continue to expand on the space of Advaitha. Please understand, even though in the modern world Advaitha is branded as a very powerful theology, a very powerful philosophy, originally Advaitha was not developed as a philosophy. It evolved as a sweet personal instruction between a disciple and Master whose love circle is complete. Please understand, it reached its perfection, it reached its peak possibility..... Please understand, an ayurvedic medicine may be sold in any small shop. It might have been available to you in some small shop, in some small gully (lane). Because it is available in a small shop in a small village in a small gully, don't think it is produced there. Where Research & Development (R&D) is done and perfection has been arrived at is a different place. Now Advaitha has become a philosophy, well-known theology. I can say, in a way, the most promoted theology of Hindu Tradition has become Advaitha. Of course, Advaitha is worthy to have that space, because, the truth Vedic Tradition wanted to share, the truth towards which the tradition is showing is Advaitha Sathya. It is neither Siddhanta nor Vedanta, it is Sathya. Vedanta or Siddhanta, both developed later on in course of time. That is why I wanted to tell all of you, the Advaitha I am sharing with you, the truths of Advaitha I am sharing with you are revived by Shankara, but originally shared by Mahadeva and Kapila. It is from the time of Mahadeva, from the time of Kapila. Shankara revived it. How I am making Advaitha user-friendly to this modern day humanity, same way, Shankara made it user-friendly for his time. But don't ever make the mistake of thinking Shankara developed Advaitha. No! Advaitha Sathya existed, exists forever! What I am doing is, I am doing a practical liberated thinking which makes you experience the truth of Advaitha, which makes you operate from the space of Advaitha. That is exactly what Shankara did during his lifetime. Making Advaitha as an operating space, liberated thinking as a day-to-day thinking, the space of Advaitha as a cognition from which you will operate, that is what Shankara did in his time. So, I wanted every one of you to be very clear, the truths I am sharing with you is directly from the inner-space of Mahadeva. Please understand, research and development and perfection of these great truths the way they are lived, they way they are transmitted, the way they are contemplated, the way they are listened, is perfection. The research and development and the perfection has happened in the great loving space of Mahadeva. That is why I insist on coming down, staying around the Master, spending a little time around him, and allowing this perfection to happen in you. Please understand, in the love of the Master, these teachings become part of your very bio-energy. Love of the Master is from the space of bio-energy, pure Kundalini Shakthi, unpolluted. So, naturally, that awakens your Kundalini Shakthi; your core opens up. A few days before, I received a message from a devotee in Mumbai in Facebook. She writes: 'I always had tremendous fear to open up to you, feeling scared about being open to you, because the moment I come to see you, or come near you, you are such powerful addictive space, I feel I will be lost in it!' I tell you, you will find you in it; you will never be lost in it! Please understand, when you are afraid of your own core being, you are afraid of the love which comes from the core being of the Master. I have never seen the Master's love making you lose you. I have always seen the Master's love making you find you. This great truth is perfected in the space of Advaitha, in the space of Advaitha, in the presence of the Master. Please understand, that is why I insist on you coming down and spending time with the Master in his physical presence where this truth is transmitted to you in the supportive, protective, caring, loving ambience, energy field of the Master. At least, the initiation should happen in the physical presence. The initiation should happen in the physical presence. So, understand, the truth of Advaitha, it is like medicines across the counter.

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