Kenopanishad, the Thought Current for Seeking the Source

over 7 years ago


Kenopanishad, the Thought Current for Seeking the Source. In His introduction to Kena Upanishad, Nithya Satsang (5 February 2016) in Living Advaita Series, Paramahamsa Nithyananda imparts to us the context and purpose of Upanishads, the sacred ground of human consciousness on which the Upanishads sow the seed of – the thought current of Seeking the Source. Never does the Hindu tradition and its scriptures, the Upanishads dictate do's and don'ts to control humans, nor do they give any direct answers. Upanishads filled with the Highest Truths provoke the seeker to keep the thought current of Seeking alive. Sharing from His own biography moments, when He, at a young age, came upon the Upanishads, it was always romance with Upanishads, never was there a study or memorizing the scriptures for Him. Romancing and cherishing the words from Upanishads and seeking the Source, is the right way to imbibe and experience these eternal truths.

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