Kill your inner demons

December 22, 2013


In today's morning satsang from Bali, Paramahamsa Nithyananda summed up the first IA level four by saying it was beyond even his expectations. The main topics covered were authentic listening, becoming a sincere cause for others' reality completing with all the obstacles to this and speaking into others listening. He told us that when you complete with self-denial, self- doubt and self hatred the celebration and enlightenment begins. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, Nithyanandotsava 5th day celebrations! Utsava Murthi of Paramahamsa Nithyananda is gracing us, enacting the Leela of Ayyappa Darshana. Today is that Leela Alankara is done at Bidadi. Paramahamsa Nithyananda's Utsava murthi is gracing us in that Leela Alankara. Now, we will move to the satsangh. Today, I will give you the essence of the Inner Awakening Level-4. First, I want to tell you guys, successfully the Inner Awakening Level-4 is completed! The program is successful beyond my expectations. Not only is it beyond all your expectations, it is beyond even my expectations! Understand, I will make just at least a few statements, few truths available to all of you from this Inner Awakening Level-4. First thing: First lesson - Listening, Authentic Listening. Second lesson: Becoming the cause to make others' reality. That is where the whole turn takes place where you become a leader. Please understand, leader is a person who goes on thinking about others, for others. You can't run life hypocritically for a long time. Don't think, 'No, I will act as if I think for others, but not.' No! You can't act for quite a long time. You can't live by acting. Understand, sincerely being a cause for others' reality, that is the very important, profound lesson, experientially shared in this Inner Awakening Level-4. Whatever obstacles you have for being a cause for others' reality, you have to complete with all that. How to complete with all that, that is what is taught step-by-step in the first few days. And then, when you become a cause for others' reality, from unexpected corners, unexpected ways, so many will start becoming a cause for you to cause your reality! Understand, when you empty you, Cosmos will fill you from so many angles, from so many directions. First, it empties you from your desires, then explodes you with contentment, showers you million times more than whatever you imagined as desire in your life. It just empties your desire for a million dollars, pours zillions on you! Understand, the quality of the Cosmos, the habit of the Cosmos is this. He first empties you, vacates the desire for millions. If you think, 'Oh this is the only desire I have, if I give up on this what will happen to me, oh, no, no? I'm feeling insecure!' He empties you. Till then he tortures you. Even every dollar looks too big. The moment you are empty of that one desire -- which is out of incompletion -- for million dollars and you become a cause for others' reality, he bombards you with trillions and zillions! Suddenly, you neither have discontentment nor have desire; you are just content, overflowing, and you are satisfied. You live with fulfilment and overflowing. I am not telling you stories, be very clear; I am telling you the truth! I am not telling you stories, I am telling you the truth! Sincerely becoming a cause for others' to realize their reality. Then, next comes doing the acid wash of Authenticity and Integrity to all the realities you create as a personal reality, or the reality of the Sangha, reality of your family, reality of your business. Then you discover a deep-rooted self-hatred and self-denial, self-doubt sitting in you. Till then you will never put your hands on your self-doubt. I tell you, only when you go through all this process, you will be able to lay your hands on exactly where the criminal is sitting, where the culprit is sitting, where the thief is sitting, where the demon is hiding. Like how you read in stories how the demon goes and hides below the seven oceans, and then some god empties the whole ocean. Even then he is not found, because he is sitting in the stomach of a big fish or tortoise. Then they kill the tortoise and catch him. That is exactly the way. Only when you go through this process step-by-step, become a cause for others' reality, you catch your own self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial patterns, and kill that demon. From that moment, Inner Awakening-4 starts, the celebration starts, Nithyothsava starts, Nithyanandotsava starts. Then life is installed in your body, "prana prathishta" is done to your body. Only then, living starts happening in you. If you have killed the self-denial, self-doubt, self-hatred, you are reborn! If you have discovered, you are at least born. If you have not discovered your self-denial, self-hatred, self-doubt, you are not even born. You may be having your body, moving it around. That does not mean you are living.

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