Kundalini is your peak possibility

November 17, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda stresses the importance of completing with self- doubt. From self-transformation to cooking to law, completing with our self-doubt will cause our kundalini energy to flow in that direction -- we will excel in that area! Ultimately, when we complete with everything in our lives, we will move towards our peak possibility, and excel in all fields! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings! Today, we are inaugurating a new center in Karaikudi-Tamil Nadu. Our devotee from Klang-Malaysia, Palaniappan, has offered his house, property in Karaikudi to be used as a center. Blessings to Palaniappan! Malaysia Palaniapan! Blessings to Aachi, Vasanta Aachi, Dr. Sellappa and everyone; blessings to the whole family, Annamalai, Arunachalam.....blessings! My presence will be there in the Karaikudi Center. My presence will be with all of you. Blessings! And from today, the Karaikudi Center will start functioning. Mainly, the Karaikudi Center will aim at preserving the Hindu culture. I tell you, the oldest, original Hindu tradition is stored with Nattukottai Nagarathar community. The way we eat, the way we dress, the way we house ourselves, the way we construct.....everything! The oldest, original tradition is stored with them in their life style. Karaikudi Center will strive to keep that tradition alive. My blessings to Karaikudi Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam! Blessings to Palaniappan for offering the place to run the Karaikudi Center. It is a beautiful place. I saw the photographs. We will have a deity of Karuppuswamy also installed in the Center. We will make it in panchaloha (alloy of five metals). We will make it in panchaloha, Karuppuswamy also, and have it. Great! Today, I have one more good news. After the surgery, healing, yesterday was the first time I tried and allowed Mahadeva's presence, Kaalabhairava landing, and it was very successful! It happened in a very successful way. It means the hand is completely healed, and we will be able to have Kaalabhairava darshans from now on. The hand is completely healed. It did not have any problem even after I settled down. The hand did not have any uncomfortable feeling or pain. The hand was able to handle all the movements, the wild movements Kaalabhairava causes when he lands. The body is now ready to handle Kaalabhairava's energy and Akashic readings. So, today, as a surprise, we will have Akashic readings about the four tattwas. Before that, I just wanted to say a few words about this Kundalini energy. Then we will let Kaalabhairava take over, let Mahadeva read the Akashic records. See, the possibility of human life is what we call Kundalini energy. The possibility of human life. There are multiple possibilities in you. It is like in a set-top box you have the possibility of 170 channels, but which channel you open is up to you. Reminding you about your possibility! And, I also yesterday tried one more funny thing. It was very successful. Trying to pick up Hindi through Akashic records! I was able to, I was able to very successfully! I can say, at least twenty-five sentences I picked up. I just sent the Sanskrit statements. Usually,I think in Sanskrit. Means, there is no individual free will and thinking; but the thinking is realized by my inner space first in Sanskrit, then it gets translated either into English or Tamil. If I am doing some administrative work, that gets translated into Tamil. If I am giving satsangh, then it gets translated into English. So yesterday, I tried to send the raw material, that Sanskrit into this Hindi software, and the statements came out! Kundalini is your possibility. The multiple possibilities. After twenty-five statements, I think I myself get over-excited. See, the moment I get over-excited, I fall into Samadhi. The over-excitement leads to too much of Completion, you can't have the gap between internal and external. So, the over-excitement. If you discover something new, how you get excited, like that I started getting excited. So, the moment I started getting excited, I saw very clearly the Sanskrit words go inside and come out as a diffused energy; the words are not coming out. It is like the Vaak, what you call the vocal chord-in that area, from the being the words enter, and by the time it comes out, it just becomes prana; it is no more a word; it is disintegrated into prana. Means, gone back to the original source, original form. See, the original form of a letter is mantra. The original form of a language is mantra, the prana space. I know that I am throwing too many mystical details. Even if you don't understand, it's okay. I just wanted all these to be on record. When science evolves to scale spirituality, that time the scientists will discover the meaning of all these words. Till then, let all these be at least on record.

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