Kundalini Miracle & Science

September 9, 2012


7th or 8th century.. Title card in black backdrop The earliest documented evidence of the knowledge of Kundalini Yoga is in the great India epic Ramayana. In that, the author, Maharishi Valmiki initiates two young boys, Luv and Kush in to Kundalini Awakening. He explains to the two children that the power of Kundalini can only be transmitted only from a Great Master and the receiver is bestowed with extra-ordinary powers. Kundalini"—one can't ignore its existence nor the influence and impact it is creating in human consciousness, even today. What is Kundalini and why is it given such an important place in the history of Human Consciousness? From the beginning of human life on planet earth, Indian Sages, Indian Rishis, Indian enlightened beings were constantly developing techniques, methods, processes to awaken the Kundalini of the individual and mass. We have the most refined Kundalini Awakening system available This energy is described in different ways in different yogic literatures, vedic literatures the awakening methods- thousands of methods are used by different Gurus, different masters, different saints, different sages, different incarnations.. The Yajur Veda, a primary sacred text of the Vedic civilization n, declares: 'Yatha pinde tatha brahmande, yatha brahmande tatha pinde As in the individual, so in the universe, as in the universe, so in the individual.' As a fragment of this universal hologram, every individual is a perfect microcosm, a flawless and adequate representation of the forces governing the cosmos. When Kundalini manifests at the universal level she is known as Paraa Kundalini, the supreme power of the cosmos. When she plays in the individual, she is the gracious mother, the life-force that nourishes the body , the energy that empowers his mind, and the conscious power that guides him to his ultimate spiritual fulfillment. The concept of God held in different religions. But our Vedic masters in Vedic Tradition even God is nothing but a method to awaken our Kundalini energy. In Vedic Tradition Kundalini is given higher place than the concept of God. Vivekananda says even praying to God is a technique to awaken your own Kundalini. Vedic Tradition puts even God as a stepping stone for individual Kundalini awakening. The Shiva Samhita declares: Suptaa guruprasaadena yatha jaagarti kundali Tathaa sarvaani padmaanibhidyante granthayo'pi cha (4.12) 'When the sleeping Kundalini is awakened by the Guru's grace. Then are all bondages pierced (broken)' Paramahamsa Nithyananda is one such rare being who lives and moves among us today. A young, charismatic enlightened master from India, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is also a siddha yogi, spiritual healer, orator, author and the founder of an international socio-spiritual organization with followers in 154 countries. He heads Madurai Aadheenam one of India's ancient and traditional mutt. He is the heir of a 5000-year-old lineage of enlightened yogis who live and train on the legendary mountain of Arunachala in southern India. Nithyananda is an adept in the mystical yogic sciences whose fulcrum is the awakening of the mighty Kundalini energy. In a landmark energy expression on our planet, Nithyananda has been awakening the Kundalini of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, beyond the limitations of time and space, with just a glance, a touch or a wave of his hand. Time and space does not bind Kundalini Energy. Time and space serve Kundalini Energy. A person's Kundalini can be awakened wherever he may be sitting, whatever time it may be. Kundalini literally means 'the coiled one', meaning, infinite untapped potential of the universe. VERSE 82 OF YOGA KUNDALINI UPANISHAD SAYS "The Sakti named Kundalini, which is like a thread in the lotus and is resplendent, is biting with the upper end of its hood (namely, mouth) at the root of the lotus the Mulakanda." Kundalini can be awakened in different ways: Through intense yogic practices lasting a lifetime, or through deeksha -- the direct transmission of spiritual energy by an awakened being. Even as these extraordinary happenings are taking the scientific community by storm Nithyananda himself lives and moves as one among us teaching, healing, initiating and working tirelessly to preserve the mystical science of Kundalini, one of the innumerable spiritual treasures of the millennia-old Yoga-Vedanta traditions of India that might be humanity's only hope for liberation in the centuries to come.

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