Leadership Quality: Patanjali Yoga Sutra 120 (Nithyananda Satsang 21 Feb 2011)

over 12 years ago


Living Incarnation and Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda explained today that everything, whether manifest or unmanifest, goes on changing. "Whatever you think as your life is nothing but illusory suffering and delusory joys, when you understand that, a deep Restful Awareness happens in your system, which goes on inspiring you to be alive, to live and share life." "When I share the truth with you, when it clicks in you, a part of you expands, but when you go out and inspire people, the leadership qualities start expressing in you. Sharing enlightenment makes you a leader, the qualities of leader happens in you, inspire and transform people through this truth. It opens up many of your dimensions in you which are unknown to you." "Being all powerful is what I call Ishitwa. It's a more powerful Siddhi than gravitation and levitation. Leadership quality is a subtle level Siddhi. The last Siddhi, being in power about you and your life. If you feel empowered to live you, the identity you have about you, the idea you have about life, leader, Ishitwa." Nithyananda encouraged people to continue the intense eN Kriya practice as well as going out and inspiring and convincing people about these truths he is teaching. By doing this you will see that your blocked logic will be removed and the truth travels throughout your system and the questions raised by the others will clear your own doubts and bring you greater understanding. The sutra explains how delusions bring you the joy, illusions bring you suffering. "It's your idea, delusory idea about joy or fear, that is the salt of your life which makes good water into ocean water. By existence, because you existed, and are existing and are going to exist, you can have only auspiciousness. Drop your interpretations and understanding about auspiciousness. Relax from the illusory joys and delusory fears. Let the incidents happen the way in which it's supposed to happen." "Truth attacks you when you instantly share it with others even if you have not understood it instantaneously. When you start sharing, it works on you and comes back to you. Anything which you give, comes back to you. When you protect dharma, dharma protects you."

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