Let Consciousness Be Your Driving Force

April 3, 2015


Today’s (3rd April, 2015) Nithya Satsang on Ishavasya Upanishad in Living Advaita Series. Paramahamsa Nithyananda intercepts into the first part of verse 8, in which Upanishads are giving tremendous strength by introducing ‘you’ to YOU, with the declaration–‘Pure Consciousness is all-pervasive, beyond the coming and going, that is you.’ The concept you have about ‘you’, is the context you have for your Life, which is the driving force for life. Life is going to touch your Consciousness not your body and mind. If we start feeling that we are Consciousness, then whatever we do for us or for the world is Living Enlightenment. He gives us the great news that all we need to start feeling – ‘You Are Consciousness” – is our simple willingness, our decision to think, act, plan, do everything from this Truth. Isha Upanishad – Verse 8 sa paryagāc-chukram akāyam avraṇam asnāviram śuddham apāpa-viddham | kavir manīṣī paribhūḥ svayambhūr yathātathyato-arthān vyadadhāc-chāśvatībhyaḥ samābhyaḥ || 8 || Today’s Vākyārtha Sadas, topic for spiritual explorations on truth is – “Pure Consciousness is all-pervasive beyond the coming and going, absolute radiant and self-effulgent – sa paryagāc-chukram” How can we realize that? I wanted everyone to internalize this one Truth – what are we feeling about us and how can we catch the truth about us as introduced by Upaniṣads. So, Vākyārtha Sadas is all about what is the concept we carry about us and how can we understand about us the way Upanishads introduce ‘us’ to us.

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