Let Possibility Be Your Wealth

August 3, 2014


In today’s (10th July, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke briefly about the value of Nithya Keerthana to powerfully activate all our dimensions and awaken the Kundalini Shakthi and encouraged all Temples and centers to have a Nithya Keerthana group. Then he went on to speak about Karma and Blind-spots. He clearly explained how thinking a blind spot is inability is karma and knowing that the blind-spot is a choice is completion. The possibility you carry is your Lakshmi, the completion you carry is your Saraswathi and your willingness to make it happen is your Durga. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Thanks for the Kirtan team. Such wonderful kirtan in the morning! I am so happy that one of the important spiritual practices of Hinduism is added into our Sangha daily routine. I wanted all the components of the Vedic tradition to be made available here. We start our day with Nithya Yoga, then Nithya Kriya, then Nithya Puja, then chanting – Nithya Paaraayana, then now added Nithya Kirtanam, and Nithya Satsangh. Every day, in the temple, Nithya Homa goes on. All the main aspects of Hinduism, Vedic tradition, should be made available in our Sangha. I am so happy it is happening. I also wanted all over the world all the ashrams and centres to develop your own Nithya Kirtan team, team of devotees, disciples who can sing well, do Nithya Kirtan every day. Let the Nithya Kirtan become a practice in our life. As I said already, from Jnana Sambandhar to Ramakrishna, all the great incarnations have agreed and accepted the power of Kirtan. They all promoted Kirtan so much. This is one of the direct ways to blow away all the incompletions, clear all the incompletions away. That is one of the beautiful, most beautiful spiritual practices. See, Poornathwa Kriya, Completion process uses your intellectual abilities to awaken your consciousness; it pushes your intellectual buttons rightly and awakens your emotional capability, conscious capabilities, Kundalini Shakthi. Nithya Kirtan pushes the right emotional buttons and awakens your Kundalini Shakthi, your consciousness. I tell you, the Kundalini awakened, energy released, consciousness raised is ten times more if your emotional button is pushed than your intellectual button getting pushed! In the intellectual button, you have to be all alone, sitting and drilling. In the emotional button, the whole life supports you, all your dimensions and energies support you. It is time one of the important aspects is added to the sangha, added to our every-day life, added to our spiritual practice, added to our spiritual sadhana to awaken our inner potential energy and Kundalini Shakthi. Nithya Yoga, Nithya Kriya, Nithya Puja, Nithya Kirtanam, Nithya Paaraayana, Nithya Satsangh, and Nithya Homa, Nithya Annadhaana, all the aspects of Vedic tradition should be practised and made available to the whole world. We should enrich the world with all the major aspects of Hindu tradition, the Vedic tradition. Today, as part of the Satsangh subject, I will say a few words about Karma. This is one of the most talked-about subjects. I have also talked about this subject, Karma, many times, from many aspects, from many dimensions. Now I wanted to talk about Karma from the angle of blind spots. Please listen! Anything which you don’t understand in life, where your logic is not ready to penetrate, be very clear, it is simple incompletion which your logic does not want to see. Listen! Anything in your life which you don’t understand, which you are not able to grasp, is the incompletion which you don’t want to look into. Your consciousness by its nature, its swabhaava, is “Swayam Prakaasha”, by its nature, self-effulgent, “Swayam Prakaasha”, self-shining. So, there is no such thing which you cannot understand in life. Whether it is which graha (planet) moving where, which star moving in which direction, or how to use your remote control and operate the TV in front of you, or the various aspects of the electronic gadget which you newly bought, anything, please understand, anything, your logic is “Swayam Prakaasha” to locate, to look. Whether understanding a Law book, or understanding a musical instrument, or understanding some truths about Botany or Biology or Zoology, understand, the truth is, your consciousness is self-effulgent, “Swayam Prakaasha”. This is the principle I am directly applying and proving in our Gurukul, don’t you see?

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