Let Shiva Sculpt You From Death To Divine

June 11, 2015


Today’s Nithya satsang (14 May 2015) from Varanasi on Kathopanishad in Living Advaita Series, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expands on the subject matter of Kathopanishad – Death, to experience the space beyond Death. He explains step-by-step: first, Life happening, even in confusion, life is happening constantly to us. Second, when we change the game of life, from ‘law of life’ into ‘flow of life’, pain is caused. Third, when we approach the constant life happening with education, i.e. letting the flow, Yama to be and the law to protect, Dharma, that process is constant Death and constant Rebirth. Beautifully likening this divine process to the human like stones rolling in Ganga, who begins her journey from Shiva’s Sahasrara (crown) or Enlightenment flowing onto His body, is getting chiseled and polished. Associating ourself to the small part getting chipped, chiseled is feeling suffering, death, with ‘why me? why me?’ Associating with the bigger you or stone and allowing, enjoying being in the hands of Mahadeva, the greatest, most compassionate sculptor, to polish us into Shiva Linga, to be worshipped is the Rebirth, the space of “Wow Me! Wow Me!”

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